2017 Annual Meeting in Oaxaca, Mexico June 8 – 11, 2017

This June 8 – 11, WARP members will meet in Oaxaca, Mexico. 

Oaxacan weavers and dyers create textiles that stand out for their beauty, richness of style, and gorgeous color.  Our time in Oaxaca will be spent learning about and from the artisans, about their families and communities, their history and culture, and the variety of techniques they use to dye yarns and weave cloth.  We'll also discuss WARP's current work, and the organization's future as the board will present the latest developments in our strategic plan.

Weavers in Chinantla, Mexico use gorgeous vivid colors. Photo credit Tia Stephanie Tours
Weavers in Chinantla, Mexico use gorgeous vivid colors. Photo credit Tia Stephanie Tours

We have two full days of programs set for Friday June 9 and Saturday June 10, with excellent presentations and discussions, plus two of the best Mexican textile tour planners are offering WARP members exclusive access for fascinating pre- and post-meeting tours.  In addition, we'll have hands-on workshops and shorter guided walks in Oaxaca City on Sunday June 11. This gathering promises to be a culturally rich treat for us all!  All WARP Members are invited to join in!

Register for the Annual Meeting here!  Register for the Annual Meeting here!

Quick notes:
Only current WARP Members may register.
Dates: June 8 - 11, 2017, with arrival on June 8 and departure on June 11.  WARP programming begins Friday June 9, and ends Saturday night, June 10.  Sunday June 11 is play day.  Post-meeting tours will depart Sunday, or sign-up for fun activities offered that day as well.
Included:  Breakfast and lunch on Friday and Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday, transportation to program activities, lodging at the Hostel de La Noria in Oaxaca City.  You are responsible for your own transportation to and from Oaxaca City.
Costs:  $525 to $575, depending on your choice of accommodations, with $100 to $150 added for Single Supplement. All pre- and post meeting activities are charged separately.

Program - Tentative! Here is the tentative Program for our meeting and presentations on Friday July 9, and demonstrations and visits to artisans' homes on Saturday July 10.  Note times are subject to change, keep an eye on the website for information.
Both Tia Stephanie Tours and Traditions Mexico have planned special pre- and post-meeting tours, plus Oaxaca Cultural Navigator is offering 4 additional activities on Sunday June 11.

Scroll down to see more information about the tours, and where to sign up!


Join WARP member Stephanie Schneiderman of Tia Stephanie Tours for an unforgettable pre-meeting and/or post-meeting tour, as well as a separate 1-day natural dying workshop.  Please book your selection directly with Tia Stephanie ToursCheck Stephanie's website for the details, or call her at 1-734-769-7839.  Photo below: A Mexican weaver creates beautiful deep blue cloth on her backstrap loom.  Photo credit (c) Tia Stephanie Tours.

Backstrap Weaver, Chiantla, Mexico Photo courtesy of (c) Tia Stephanie Tours

Eric Mindling caught this beautiful woman in her Scarab Beetle Tree Huipil, for his book Oaxacan Stories in Cloth, (c) Eric Mindling.

Join WARP member Eric Mindling of Traditions Mexico for an extraordinary pre-meeting and/or post-meeting tour.  Please book your selection directly with Traditions Mexico.  Click the pre-meeting or post-meeting tour links for more details, or call cell phone 951 216 2670 (Oaxaca during October-March), or 541 646 0496 (U.S. during April to October.)  Photo above: This beautiful woman proudly models her Scarab Beetle Tree huipil in Eric Mindling's book, Oaxacan Stories in Cloth. (c) Eric Mindling.


Join Norma Schafer of Oaxaca Cultural Navigator or one of her partners to enjoy one of 4 1-day workshops or activities! These 4 activities will be booked for you with WARP when you register for the meeting. Photo below:  Rich deep colors made from cochineal, some overdyed with indigo, flavor this yarn in colors you can almost taste!  Photo credit (c) Norma Schafer, Oaxaca Cultural Navigator.

Norma Schafer, Yarn Natural Dye Workshop Day3 May 2016