Weave a Real Peace Slideshow

*These images are highlights of the longer WARP Slide Show available for your viewing.  WARP has compiled stories and photographs of its members’ adventures with textile artisans around the world. You are invited to share these fascinating tales with weaving guilds, textile classes, at workshops, conferences or wherever you find an interested group.The WARP Slide Show includes 103 photographs of Weave A Real Peace member experiences with indigenous artisans, including backstrap weavers of Guatemala; weavers of Chinchero, Peru; weaving apprentices in Ghana; a mohair tapestry cooperative in Lesotho; rug weavers of Morocco; hill tribes of Northern Thailand and much more.The program takes about 45 minutes, or more for discussion, and is accompanied by a written script for the slides.

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  • Jebel Sirwa area of southern Morocco.  Woman spinning with drop spindle.
  • Village of Morales, Guatemala.  Making macrame friendship bracelets.
  • Center for Traditional Textiles, Cusco, Peru.  Backstrap Weaving
  • Silk Weaver in Vientaine, Laos.
  • Bolgatanga in northern Ghana.  Women learning to weave.
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  • Village of Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala.  Backstrap weaving
  • Village of Taquile, Lake Tiicaca, Peru.  Knitting.
  • Small village south of Hanoi, Vietnam.  Women embroider silk purses.
  • Small village south of Hanoi, Vietnam.  Women embroider silk purses.
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  • Lake Titicaca, Peru.  Hats are shaped over reeds from Lake Titicaca.
  • Bolgatanga, Ghana.  Basket weaving.
  • Chinchero, Peru near Cusco.  Nilda Callanaupa explaining dye techniques.
  • Lesotho, Africa.  Tapestry loom.
  • Men wash and trip finished rugs.
  • Lesotho, Africa.  Tapestry loom.
  • Cusco, Peru.  Women preparing to weave.
  • Cusco, Peru.  Woman weaving