Mayamam Weavers

Mayamam Weavers
50 Cutler Street
Morristown, NJ 07960

(973) 810-6902

Contact person: Caryn Maxim

Mayamam Weavers markets home and fashion accessories handwoven by a Guatemalan women’s weaving cooperative. In addition to marketing their beautiful products we provide them with business and skills training. We offer a wide range of high-quality accessories for kitchen, dining, home, and lifestyle, a popular range of toiletry and cosmetic bags, wine totes, and market totes, as well as scarves and shawls for women, aprons and belts for men, and several products for children.

For the full story about Mayamam, please visit the WARP Blog Article written by Caryn.

Kinship Stories

Kinship Stories
Beirut, Lebanon

+961 3 866 368

Contact person: Yasmine Dabbous

Kinship Stories is a culture and art project featuring a line of precious tribal adornments. Our one-of-a-kind pieces include vintage and antique materials, often of museum quality. Kinship Stories is committed to supporting artisanship and fostering understanding of otherness. The concept was developed by Yasmine Dabbous. A cultural history expert who’s passionate about everything tribal, Dabbous hand-picks materials during her many travels across continents. Certificates detailing these stories are provided with every purchase.

Khadi Oaxaca

Khadi Oaxaca
Libertad #2
San Sebastian Rio Hondo, Miahuatlan
Oaxaca, Mexico 70877

+52 951 285 1479

Contact person: Eliseo Ramirez (Spanish) and Kalindi Attar (English)

Khadi Oaxaca is a non-profit company dedicated to spinning, dyeing and weaving fabric and sewing and embroidering cotton and wool clothing for the whole family. Our process is ecological, ethical, and artisanal supporting over 300 livelihoods throughout rural Oaxaca. The cotton is native to the coast where we work with agro-ecological farmers for our supply. All dye materials are natural and sourced in Oaxaca. Weaving takes place on both the floor loom and backstrap loom.

Es Par Ta

Es Par Ta
Carrer Lope de Vega, 45, 2-2a
Barcelona, Spain 08005

+34 658 402 000

Contact person: Anush Mirbegian

Es Par Ta was founded in 2015 upon the ancient craft of hand made alpargatas, a shoe making technique that dates back centuries. Alluding to esparto, the natural fiber roots that comprise the soles, Es Par Ta is also a playful hybrid of romance languages meaning, “it’s for you.” Es Par Ta hopes to preserve valued ancient handmade shoe and textile traditions and create social and economic opportunities for women artisans, and to date has worked with artisans in Spain, Japan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Italy.

Terra Experience

Terra Experience
2140 Regent Street
Madison, WI 53726

(608) 849-8720

Contact person: Lynn Persson

Our specialty is fair trade 18” Doll Clothes that fit American Girl Doll, handwoven in Guatemala.  For 20 years we’ve worked with artisan families from different villages to create “mini-huipils” and doll outfits. We have related doll accessories and books.  Purchases help keep kids in school.

We also carry beautiful handwoven Mayan huipils, traditional textiles, accessories, folk embroideries, weaving related art and books from Guatemala. We strive to support Fair Trade, Mayan artisans, their communities and environment.


1185 Charlotte Hwy, Unit G
P.O. Box 732
Fairview, NC 28730

(828) 628-2049

Contact person:
Molly Hamilton

Folkwear provides sewing patterns that are based on authentic historic and folk garments from around the world.  Our patterns are flexible enough to be used for traditional garments, as well as for making unique everyday wear.  Patterns come with notes on the historic or cultural context of the garment and how the garment would have been traditionally worn and embellished, as well as instructions for traditional handwork.  Since the 1970s, Folkwear patterns have been used by theatre and dance costumers, historic reenactors, art-to-wear aficionados, and anyone who enjoys sewing and dressing in classic clothes.


3332 W Prospect Rd
Fort Collins, Co 80526

(515) 707-5277

Contact person: Alisa Woofter

Wholesale Accounts Available

UPAVIM-logoUPAVIM Crafts is a fair-trade business that is a part of UPAVIM, a cooperative of about eighty women who live in an impoverished community on the outskirts of Guatemala City. For over twenty-five years, their goal has been to improve the quality of their lives and community through education, job creation, health, and nutrition. They produce an array of colorful products made from handwoven fabric including kitchen items, jewelry, fashion accessories, bags, recycled gifts, holiday décor, and toys and gifts for babies, children, and pets. All profits go to funding their alternative school.

Thrums Books

Thrums Books
Post Office Box 685
Loveland, CO 80537

(970) 391-9711

Contact person: Linda Ligon & Karen Brock

Wholesale Accounts Available

Thrums Books gives voice to the stories of indigenous craft traditions from around the world. Our aim is to document the human stories behind the craft and to reflect the importance of craft traditions in the history and social evolution of a culture. We have published more than twenty titles, highlighting textile artisans from Laos to Peru, from Mexico to Morocco, from Guatemala to Afghanistan, and beyond.