Ancestral wisdom & alchemy secrets combine to tell stories through natural dye education. We offer online & live workshops. Our impetus is to inspire everyday. We are based in Mexico City.

Artisans Beyond Borders

Artisans Beyond Borders, a binational Initiative, facilitates and preserves cultural and familial Arts crafted by asylum-seekers at the Arizona/Mexico border and beyond


Fabriulous works as a creative solution to the problems in the fashion sector and the marginalized artisan community by creating an unique craft sourcing service.

Espace Fann

Espace Fann is a creative space based in Beirut, Lebanon, offering university-level courses in art and design at affordable rates.

Sardinian Arts

Connecting you with the few remaining women who still weave by hand on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, through presentations, films, exhibitions, trunk shows and more

Oaxaca Cultural Navigator LLC

We match designers, retailers and wholesalers with artisans to develop product and markets in a culturally sensitive approach to honoring indigenous traditions, and facilitate your buying experience.

Kakaw Designs

Create unique designs together with our network of 12+ local artisan groups in Guatemala. We’ll guide you through the process step by step.