Marrakesh Express

Marrakesh Express
791 College Ave. #2
Haverford, PA 19041

(610) 649-7717

Contact person: Susan Schaefer Davis

Wholesale Accounts Available

Marrakesh-Express-logoGiving Moroccan women access to a world market by selling their weaving online, thereby retaining more profit as they bypass the middleman, is my focus. On my website, you can “meet” and buy directly from Moroccan weavers in the nonprofit section, Women Weavers OnLine. The rugs are handwoven wool and usually one- of-a-kind; some women can also weave to order. I lead cultural tours where we visit some of the weavers, as well as meet other Moroccans in their homes. When I am in Morocco in the spring, I can shop for a Moroccan rug in the style, colors, and size you would like.

Diane de Souza Designs

Consultant, Designer, Production Dyeing

Diane de Souza Designs
PO Box 2051
El Prado, NM 87529

(575) 770-2572

My primary expertise is in dyeing natural fibers in environmentally sound methods using natural-dye extracts. Services include instruction, consultation on methods, costs, processes, and viability and dyeing of natural fibers. I also have considerable experience in natural-fiber manufacturing and construction techniques including weaving, spinning, and knitting.


Adrienne Sloane


Adrienne Sloane
31 Barnard Ave.
Watertown, MA 02472

(617) 926-1914

I am a practicing fiber artist with many years of both hand- and machine-knitting experience. My degree in anthropology has helped inform a strong interest in working with knitters internationally to strengthen their abilities so that they can sell their knit goods at fair-labor prices. I have taught sculptural fiber overseas and worked with indigenous knitters in Peru and Bolivia. I would welcome the opportunity do such work again.

Sarah Saulson

Consultant, Designer

Sarah Saulson
105 Crawford Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13224

(315) 449-9423


I am a full-time professional weaver, designer, dyer, and teacher for nearly 30 years. I have a background in anthropology and in-depth knowledge of the technical side of weaving and yarns, color, and textile design. A faculty member at Syracuse University, I am available to provide design and weaving support and consultation to producer groups.

Joan Noble – Noble Journeys

Consultant, Tour Operator

Joan Noble/Noble Journeys
5435 E. Placita Del Mesquite
Tucson, AZ 85712

(800) 566-9228 or (520) 319-1929

Contact person: Joan Noble

Noble Journeys logoWe offer creative, enlightening, and delicious journeys to Morocco, Peru, Italy, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Mongolia, and more. Meet artisans in their homes and villages, shop in local markets, and dine in private homes as well as local restaurants. Stay in charming small hotels typical of each locale. Great guides, excellent private transportation, unique activities thanks to longtime friendships with local people eager to welcome us and share their daily lives and culture. Hands-on workshops can be arranged and programs customized to your specific wishes. We specialize in working with small groups and individuals.

Anush Mirbegian

Consultant, Designer

Anush Mirbegian
231 Jackson St. Apt. 2
Brooklyn, NY 11211

(315) 783-8045

With ten years of experience working independently in the contemporary and high-end fashion industry, I provide design and creative services including product development, market research, graphic and marketing support, styling and presentation ideas, and collaborative projects. To date, I have worked with artisan business including Zardozi, Dot2Knot, and Saleh Fine Silk in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Loom to Luxury in India, and Caritas in Armenia. Wearable textiles, fashion and clothing, and accessories are the focus of my work. I'm looking to work with artisans interested in applying their techniques to a contemporary fashion product and market.

Local Cloth

Community Organization

Local Cloth
3 High Bluff Dr.
Weaverville, NC 28787

(828) 407-0678

Judi Jetson, Chairman

Local Cloth began in 2011 when founder, Judi Jetson, then an employee of HandMade in America, imagined a new way to grow the craft economy employing the economic development strategies traditionally used in developing countries of import substitution and adding value. If we love local food, why not local fiber? Our mission is to support and sustain the regional fiber and textile arts economy and professions through collaboration, education, and innovation. We aim to grow the fiber economy in the southern Appalachian region, focusing on craft artists, fiber animal farmers, and small-scale fiber mills and processing businesses.

Janice G Knausenberger

Consultant, Designer

Janice G Knausenberger
3336 Memphis Ln.
Bowie, MD 20715

(301) 805-0959

Janice G Knausenberg-logoFor over twenty-five years, I have served as an international consultant specializing in weaving and other fiber arts, production efficiency, and design. I have lived and consulted in the Caribbean, Africa, and the United States, and I have experience working with people from diverse backgrounds, ages, and skill levels. Skilled in translating customer’s stated and unstated expectations into handwoven articles, I know how to translate vision into art inspiration.