Ixil Collective

Ixil Collective
2129 19th St. N
Arlington, VA 22201

(202) 873-4497

Contact person: Elena Laswick

Ixil [ee-sheel] Collective is a collaboration between Maya Ixil weavers and an American designer. Because the Ixil region of Guatemala is far off the beaten tourist path, there is very little direct access to a market for artisans. Ixil Collective was created to help these remote artisans earn a more substantial market share. All designs are based on traditional Ixil dress and motifs and are made by Ixil artisans living in the towns of Chajul, Cotzal and Nebaj in the Quiché region of Guatemala.

Khadi Oaxaca

Khadi Oaxaca
Libertad #2
San Sebastian Rio Hondo, Miahuatlan
Oaxaca, Mexico 70877

+52 951 285 1479

Contact person: Eliseo Ramirez (Spanish) and Kalindi Attar (English)

Khadi Oaxaca is a non-profit company dedicated to spinning, dyeing and weaving fabric and sewing and embroidering cotton and wool clothing. Our process is ecological, ethical, and artisanal supporting over 300 livelihoods throughout rural Oaxaca. We can work with you to create custom woven fabrics and we can cut and sew these fabrics, or our standard fabrics, to create your clothing designs. Additionally, we have a team of artisans who can embroider your designs.

Fusion De Maya

Fusion De Maya
20 Bay View Ave.
South Dartmouth, MA 02748

(917) 566-4211

Contact person: Marjorie Durko Puryear

Wholesale Accounts Available

Unique handwoven products in silky bamboo or cotton fibers from fair-wage textile cooperatives. Our indigenous Maya weavers use modern and traditional dye methods and historically traditional backstrap looms. We work with women-owned and operated fair-wage textile cooperatives helping to empower Maya women and provide income opportunities with a focus of sustaining traditional textile practices. As a textile artist, product designer, and textile historian I focus on upholding fine craftsmanship and indigenous textile traditions.

Sarah Saulson

Consultant, Designer

Sarah Saulson, Handweaver
40 Wriston Drive
Providence, RI 02906
(after May 1, 2019)

(315) 317-6165


I have been a full-time production weaver and dyer, and a teacher of the same  for over 30 years. In addition to my textiles background, I majored in Anthropology where I studied social change and economic development.  Together these two threads have built my interest in working with producer groups in the developing world to help improve the lives of women, children and their communities.  I have an in-depth knowledge of technical aspects of weaving, cloth construction and yarns, color and textile design.  I have worked with producer groups in Ghana, India and Guatemala and am available to provide design,  weaving support and consultation services.

Janice G Knausenberger

Consultant, Designer

Janice G Knausenberger
3336 Memphis Ln.
Bowie, MD 20715


Janice G Knausenberg-logoFor over twenty-five years, I have served as an international consultant specializing in weaving and other fiber arts, production efficiency, and design. I have lived and consulted in the Caribbean, Africa, and the United States, and I have experience working with people from diverse backgrounds, ages, and skill levels. Skilled in translating customer’s stated and unstated expectations into handwoven articles, I know how to translate vision into art inspiration.

Philis Alvic

Consultant Designer

Philis Alvic
2815 Phoenix Rd.
Lexington, KY 40503

(859) 276-0356, (859) 227-2137 (cell)


I can help you evaluate your products for sale in different venues and design items using local skills and materials. Working together we can develop a marketing plan that includes expansion while involving everyone in the business success. As a short-term consultant in Peru, Morocco, Nepal, India, Armenia, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Tanzania, and Sri Lanka, I bought an understanding developed in over forty years as a weaver and craft organizer.


Jackie Abrams

Consultant Designer

Jackie Abrams
110 Arbor Hill Commons #24
Brattleboro, VT 05301

(802) 257-2688

Contact person: Jackie Abrams

I am interested in helping to develop small craft industries within communities in need. The technical assistance I offer includes teaching, producing goods, and marketing assistance. I teach both crocheting and basketry techniques, creating functional objects that may be for sale.  I often work with recycled materials—discarded plastic bags and old clothes.  I have had experience working with women in Ghana, Uganda, and Guatemala.