Churro Week 2023: March 12th-18th

by Leigh Alexander NOTA: PUEDE LEER LA VERSIÓN EN ESPAÑOL MÁS ABAJO Churro Week grew out of a collaboration of shepherds, a mill owner, a Navajo-Churro Sheep breeder/restorer of the endangered species, an extension agent, end users, a marketing consultant, and various interested parties. They were concerned with finding a job for the Navajo-Churro sheep. … Read more

Fiber Activism

by Judi Jetson NOTA: PUEDE LEER LA VERSIÓN EN ESPAÑOL MÁS ABAJO In January WARP’s online program featured exhibits of the Migrant Quilt and COVID Quilt projects at museums of the Arizona Historical Society. We gathered to watch the Zoom program – which you can see on our YouTube channel here – from throughout the US and several other countries. … Read more

Growing older, growing younger!

by Deborah Chandler NOTA: PUEDE LEER LA VERSIÓN EN ESPAÑOL MÁS ABAJO Recently I read a poem written by a friend, Gayle Markow, about her Thanksgiving dinner and the eight-hour conversation that was such a luxury for the four women present. In one part of the poem she says:  Not to mention four chronologically-qualifying-old women … Read more

Another Cajun Love Story – Acadian Brown Cotton

by Judy Newland Photography: Darcy Fabre NOTA: PUEDE LEER LA VERSIÓN EN ESPAÑOL MÁS ABAJO As a longtime spinner and weaver – and a mother – this is a story that reflects a love many of us share. It may sweep you away to another time when mothers created piles of beautiful blankets for their … Read more

International Folk Art Market 2022

by Debbie Durham Image above: Yanet Soto of CTTC The International Folk Art Market (IFAM) is held annually in Santa Fe, NM in July.  Many WARP members volunteer at the Market, filling roles ranging from delivering water or box lunches to helping artists with sales in their booths. 2022 was my second year volunteering, with … Read more

WARP Volunteers Speak Out

Volunteering for WARP can be hard work or light. Fun or serious. Big job or small. In a team or isolated. There are many opportunities requiring many skills and welcoming many personalities. What follows are notes from some of our current 23 volunteers – over and above the nine on the board – women whose … Read more