THREADS Documentary Film

THREADS Documentary Film

Kantha Productions LLC
PO Box 143
Lakebay, WA  98349

(253) 592-3596

Contact persons: Cathy Stevulak and Leonard Hill

THREADS takes us on a journey with self-trained artist Surayia Rahman who transforms the quilt-work tradition of kantha to create possibilities for a better life for her family and hundreds of young mothers in Bangladesh. Over three decades, as their art becomes prized possessions of connoisseurs around the world, Surayia Rahman and the artisans overcome their hardships with needle and thread, stitch by stitch.

Winner of three film festival awards and multiple laurels, THREADS film celebrates global artisanship and the power of textile art as a path to dignity, independence and community.  THREADS is available on DVD, streaming, and for educators and community screenings. To view the trailer for THREADS, please click here.

Many of the designs embroidered by The Widows Friend are created by Surayia Rahman.

New Pathways to Enterprise

New Pathways to Enterprise

1588 Keswick Place
Annapolis, MD 21401

Contact person: Christine Nielsen

New Pathways is dedicated to improving the lives of women and their families living in impoverished communities in the Philippines. Our Learning to Livelihood nurtures the development of artisan groups engaged in a range of textiles creation and enhancements. New Pathways’ artisans are engaged in a wide range of textiles creation and embellishments, including beading on satin and lace; macramé, and weaving on table-top looms designed by co-founder, R. Keith Raney.


163 Stanton Street #6
New York, NY 10002

(646) 234-6667

Contact person: Lola Faturoti

Lolalovecargo's concept is merging authentic traditional designs with functional modern clothing. Our mission is to preserve the traditional designs and skills of indigenous artisans, and to contribute to the minimizing of the dumping system in the third world countries by reworking used clothes into one of a kind clothes. We are open to collaborating with indigenous artisans from all parts of the World.

Sharing the Dream in Guatemala

Sharing the Dream in Guatemala
10 W. Main Street
Vermillion, SD 57069

1ra Avenida 1-64
Panajachel, Guatemala

(605) 540-6159

Contact person: Lauren Vaske

Sharing the Dream in Guatemala’s wholesale project sells handmade crafts directly from Guatemala.  Set up as a way to create sustainability in our programs, our wholesale sales provide further work to the artisans and allow them to better support their families. By cutting out the middleman in the US, we can keep our prices accessible while still paying fairly to the artisans.  Our wholesale project offers unique handmade home textiles, purses and bags, scarves, jewelry, and homewares.

Mekong River Textiles

Mekong River Textiles
607 Dale Dr
Silver Spring, MD 20910

(301) 589-1432

Contact person: Susan Louise McCauley

Mekong River Textiles began while working with Thai weavers living in poverty yet producing remarkable resist-dyed fabrics, a testament to their rich and varied culture. In marketing their fabrics and developing products in the US we sought to support the weavers, their families and communities while serving the sewers, quilters and fiber artists here.  We offer silk and cotton traditional weaves, naturally dyed and organic fabrics, Green-certified cottons, intricate silk by the yard, ceremonial pieces, scarves and shawls from along the Mekong River and reaching into remote hilltribe areas of Laos where jungle fibers rule. Our casual easy style clothing designed and made in Silver Spring, Md. features the women weavers and dyers of Thailand Laos and Cambodia. Over twenty varied styles in tops, jacket, blouses and skirts are on view in our showroom and custom work is available in your choice of fabric.  Your support helps us return yearly to the villages, propels the future of the textile arts and sustains the artisans.

Mayamam Weavers

Mayamam Weavers
50 Cutler Street
Morristown, NJ 07960

(973) 810-6902

Contact person: Caryn Maxim

Mayamam Weavers markets home and fashion accessories handwoven by a Guatemalan women’s weaving cooperative. In addition to marketing their beautiful products we provide them with business and skills training. We offer a wide range of high-quality accessories for kitchen, dining, home, and lifestyle, a popular range of toiletry and cosmetic bags, wine totes, and market totes, as well as scarves and shawls for women, aprons and belts for men, and several products for children.

For the full story about Mayamam, please visit the WARP Blog Article written by Caryn.


Mumbai, India

+ 91 9811723139

Contact person: Arushi Chowdhury Khanna, Founder

LoomKatha is a young and vibrant Indian organization established in 2016 for the promotion of our rich heritage of handloom weaving.  Our aim is to connect rural handloom weavers to the global market, enabling greater economic value of the product to be transferred back to the producer. Our product range includes fabrics, scarfs and textile-based stationery. All our products are 100% hand-woven. To date we have over a 1000 happy customers in 7 countries around the world.  Our team works with close to a 100 artisans in 4 states of India, over 60% of whom are female.

Kinship Stories

Kinship Stories
Beirut, Lebanon

+961 3 866 368

Contact person: Yasmine Dabbous

Kinship Stories is a culture and art project featuring a line of precious tribal adornments. Our one-of-a-kind pieces include vintage and antique materials, often of museum quality. Kinship Stories is committed to supporting artisanship and fostering understanding of otherness. The concept was developed by Yasmine Dabbous. A cultural history expert who’s passionate about everything tribal, Dabbous hand-picks materials during her many travels across continents. Certificates detailing these stories are provided with every purchase.