Kakaw Designs

Partnering with over a dozen local artisan groups around Guatemala, we create unique designs by combining a variety of regional handmade traditions.

Sam & Nala

Sam & Nala works with artisan entrepreneurs to create intentional style for pets & their people. Our offerings include dog bandanas, dog beds, hand loomed throws, worry dolls, canvas bags and more.

Ixil Collective

Household textiles & accessories inspired by & sourced from the Maya Ixil region of Guatemala to increase compensation and recognition for weavers from Chajul, Cotzal and Nebaj.

New Pathways to Enterprise

New Pathways is dedicated to improving the lives of women and their families living in impoverished communities in the Philippines. Our Learning to Livelihood nurtures the development of artisan groups engaged in a range of textiles creation and enhancements.