Cotton Clouds, Inc.

Cotton Clouds proudly offers Mayan Hands products and Tintes Naturales Friendship Towel Kit. We supply quality cotton and cotton-blend, rayon chenille, bamboo, linen, and blended cellulose yarns, on cones and skeins. Exclusively designed kits are available for weaving towels, scarves, throws, and home décor.


PAZA supports the grass roots textile preservation movement in Independencia Bolivia by operating the Club de Artesanas, supporting the Centro de Artesania, Huancarani, and assisting the weavers in finding access to an external market.

Katyi Ya’a

All native, ecologically grown brown, green and white cotton textiles. Handspun, naturally dyed and back-strap loom woven by Mixtec women in San Juan Colorado, Oaxaca

Endangered Threads Documentaries

A 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit focusing on filming Maya weaving and textiles in Guatemala and southern Mexico. Endangered Threads Documentaries (ETD) DVDs document the history and practices of Maya weavers, with intimate views of their lives and art form.