Books, Articles, and Films by WARP Members

A Textile Traveler’s Guide to Guatemala A Textile Traveler’s Guide to Guatemala
Designed to support the textile part of your travels (or just education), the book explores and explains the variety of textiles that make up the vibrant textile culture of Guatemala. Following the...
Book and eBook Deborah Chandler
Learning to Weave Learning to Weave
A study guide to learn four shaft weaving starting from zero. All of the basics are covered: the tools of weaving, warping the loom, weaving, reading and designing drafts, understanding a dozen...
Book Deborah Chandler
Your Weaving Teacher Your Weaving Teacher
A column in Handwoven Magazine for 9 years written under the name Debbie Redding.  A column written to help weavers, beginners and others, understand all aspects of weaving, mostly on four or...
Magazine Deborah Chandler
WARP Member Organization Oaxaca Cultural Navigator leads textile tours in Mexico. Photo: Norma Schafer
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