Ixil Collective

2129 19th St. N
Arlington, VA 22201

Phone: (202) 873-4497
Website: www.ixilcollective.org

Social media: @ixilcollective

Contact person: Elena Laswick

Ixil [ee-sheel] Collective is a collaboration between Maya Ixil weavers and an American designer. Because the Ixil region of Guatemala is far off the beaten tourist path, there is very little direct access to a market for artisans.

Ixil Collective was created to help these remote artisans earn a more substantial market share. All designs are based on traditional Ixil dress and motifs and are made by Ixil artisans living in the towns of Chajul, Cotzal and Nebaj in the Quiché region of Guatemala.

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