Mekong River Textiles

Mekong River Textiles
607 Dale Dr
Silver Spring, MD 20910

(301) 589-1432

Contact person: Susan Louise McCauley

Mekong River Textiles began while working with Thai weavers living in poverty yet producing remarkable resist-dyed fabrics, a testament to their rich and varied culture. In marketing their fabrics and developing products in the US we sought to support the weavers, their families and communities while serving the sewers, quilters and fiber artists here.  We offer silk and cotton traditional weaves, naturally dyed and organic fabrics, Green-certified cottons, intricate silk by the yard, ceremonial pieces, scarves and shawls from along the Mekong River and reaching into remote hilltribe areas of Laos where jungle fibers rule. Our casual easy style clothing designed and made in Silver Spring, Md. features the women weavers and dyers of Thailand Laos and Cambodia. Over twenty varied styles in tops, jacket, blouses and skirts are on view in our showroom and custom work is available in your choice of fabric.  Your support helps us return yearly to the villages, propels the future of the textile arts and sustains the artisans.