This beautiful contemporary style tapestry donated by Ayni is astonishingly a woven replica of a tie dye piece from the ancient Wari culture. The Wari were a civilization in south-central Andes and coastal Peru. Their civilizations capital was located near modern day Ayacucho and lasted from 500 AD to 1000 AD. Historians consider them one of the most important civilizations of  the Americas. Woven on a 2 harness floor loom by artist by Alfredo Jayo, it measures 23″ x 36″ and is painstakingly made from hand spun wool with natural dyes in Ayacucho, Peru. The warp is a natural cotton color and each fine weaving made is one of a kind. It can used on the floor or the wall. The organization Anyi  supports this amazing textile community in Peru.

About Ayni:


Ayni is a Quechua word for mutual aid.

We are a small not for profit, organization founded in 2006 by botanist Hedy Hollyfield, anthropologist Barbara Wolff, and educator/artist Kathlyn Avial-Reyes.

Ayni aims to preserve cultural patrimony in Peru, and promote social welfare in Andean communities through sponsorship of cultural programs, and through sales of Peruvian art and crafts. 

Your purchase of Peruvian handicrafts and textiles supports projects at the Los Gorriones Orphanage, ANFASEP, and the University of Huamanga ass well as the communities that produce, spin, dye and weave the fiber. It helps keep Ayacucho’s fiber tradition alive.    (about Anyi)

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