This exquisite Lao weaving was donated by Above the Fray. It is a traditional textile used as a shaman cloth or when folded in half lengthwise, is used a shoulder cloth for women to wear to temple for ceremonial occasions as well.  The detailed expertly woven piece is made from silk that is raised and hand reeled, naturally dyed, handwoven on a hand built loom and all done in the village where it was made by a very skilled artist.  The artist/weaver is the niece of Sukkhavit in the book “Silk Weavers of Hill Tribe Laos” by Joshua Hirschstein and Maren Beck, owners of Above the Fray. Sukkhavit and her niece are from the Lao Loum/ Tai Daeng Tribe of Laos.
The textile has mythological creatures woven in beautiful colors which protect the holder from any bad spirits. Figures include Two-headed Saang Hong (mythological elephant birds) pregnant with geometric stripes is Naak (mythological river serpent), geometrically represented flowers and butterflies, and additional chevron shapes made of stripes of diamonds representing the Naak. The fringe is silk-worm cocoons cut to represent flowers with silk tassels. The textile is woven using the discontinuous and continuous supplemental weft technique. It is truly an amazing piece!
It measures 14.25″ wide x 85″ long.  It can be worn as a shawl but would look stunning on a wall or as a runner on your table to look at for hours to take in all the incredible work that went into this weaving.
About Above the Fray: Traditional Hill Tribe Arts

Above the Fray: Traditional Hill Tribe Art  represent the finest traditional artists who live in hill tribe Laos and Vietnam. Their hand-woven silks, cotton and hemp textiles, basketry, jewelry and other arts are as meaningful in these artists’ lives today as they have been for generations. Who the artists are, what they value, and generations of tradition are woven into each creation.

In an era of rapid modernization and expanding opportunities, we recognize that these long-inherited art-forms, and the indigenous cultures they support, will better sustain their vitality and vibrancy if new interest and markets are generated.

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