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No Image Available Doubleweave Basics
Step-by-step instructions for weaving a two-layer sampler on four shafts. Learn to weave separate layers, double-width cloth, tubes, slits, color-and-weave effects, stitched cloth, simple pique, quilted cloth and top layer laces. 2...
DVD Jennifer Moore
No Image Available Doubleweave Pick-up
Learn how to weave any image you would like to create through pick-up on two layers of cloth. Detailed demonstrations teach you how to design and follow a graph, accurately create the...
DVD Jennifer Moore
No Image Available The Weaver’s Studio: Doubleweave
Doubleweave is the art of weaving two layers of cloth at the same time, one above the other on the loom, creating beautiful cloth that is reversible yet unique on each side.
Book Jennifer Moore