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No Image Available Guatemalan-Style Bags and How to Make a Net Bag
This publication highlights Guatemalan bag techniques including loom-woven (treadle, fixed-vertical, vertical frame and horizontal looms), knit and crocheted, linked (single and two element) and looped or knotless netted (simple, hourglass, cross-knit and...
Book Kathryn Rousso
No Image Available Maguey Journey: Discovering Textiles in Guatemala
Chapters focus on maguey fibers in Guatemala and include history, botanical information, harvesting, fiber extraction, spinning, dyeing and patterns, and loom-woven (treadle, fixed-vertical, vertical, back-strap and horizontal looms) and non-loom or hand-construction...
Book Kathryn Rousso
No Image Available Various magazine articles
Many articles on palm, reed and maguey baskets, hats, mats and bags for Revue magazine and Strands See my website.
Magazine Kathryn Rousso