Books, Articles, and Films by WARP Members

No Image Available Swept Under the Rug: A Hidden History of Navajo Weaving
Swept utilizes copious information contained in the correspondence and business records of the Lorenzo Hubbell family, Ganado, AZ (~ 1860s-1960s). Lorenzo Hubbell Sr. is considered the czar of Navajo trade and the...
Book Kathy M′Closkey
No Image Available Weaving Worlds: Navajo Tales of How the West was Spun
Kathy M'Closkey was the research director for this feature length documentary directed by Bennie Klain of Trickster Films, Austin, TX. In this compelling and intimate portrait of economic and cultural survival through...
Documentary film Kathy M′Closkey
No Image Available Why the Navajo Blanket Became a Rug: Excavating the Lost Heritage of Globalization
Drawing on evidence contained in six disparate archives, my second book substantiates how as pastoralists, Navajo were affected by free trade during the 1890s, the decade in which the wearing blanket was...
Book Kathy M′Closkey