Books, Articles, and Films by WARP Members

No Image Available A Textile Guide to the Chiapas Highlands
Published in cooperation with Na Bolom Museum and Study Center in San Cristóbal, Chiapas, this guide visits 20 villages in the Chiapas Highlands to showcase their stunning handwoven cloth while also providing...
Book Walter F (Chip) Morris, Jr. and Carol Karasik
No Image Available A Textile Traveler’s Guide to Peru and Bolivia
An excellent resource for discovering artisans, markets, shops, museums, and festivals, this guide presents convenient, safe, and accessible methods of travel, when to go, where to stay, and where to eat. Expert...
Book Cynthia LeCount Samaké
No Image Available A Weaver’s Guide to Swatching
Swatching offers an easy way to sketch your ideas risk-free and unleash your creativity in new and wonderful ways. Learn the philosophy behind swatching - using a frame loom to sample for...
Book Liz Gipson
No Image Available A Weaver’s Guide to Yarn
Stumped by what yarns to use for weaving? This book explores the many ways to measure yarn, how to substitute one yarn for another, select the perfect sett, color hacks, comprehensive fiber...
Book Liz Gipson
No Image Available Adolescence in a Moroccan Town
Describes many aspects - social, psychological and physical - of the lives of adolescent boys and girls in a mid-sized Moroccan town.
Book Susan Schaefer Davis and Douglas A Davis
No Image Available Artisans and Advocacy in the Global Market: Walking the Heart Path
This is a series of essays, several written by WARP members.
Book Jeanne Simonelli, Katherine O'Donnell and June Nash (editors)
No Image Available Artisans and fair trade: Crafting development
Book explores the impacts, from a fair trade business model, for An artisan group (MarketPlace Handwork of India) operating in a Mumbai slum.
Book Mary Littrell and Marsha Dickson
No Image Available Backstrap Weaving
This book grew out of my fascination with backstop weaving and the loom itself. It is an instructional book that leads through all steps in building your own loom and provides different...
Book Marilyn Anderson and Barbara Taber
No Image Available Bead & Felted Tapestry Crochet
Includes the basics of tapestry crochet, special graph papers, and instructions for 7 beaded, 6 felted, and 3 bead felted projects.
Book Carol Ventura
No Image Available Beyond Cloth and Cordage: Archaeological Textile Research in the Americas
Summaries of recent archaeological textile research and current methods of object handling and analysis in the Americas, plus nine in-depth case histories. An overview of current research on New World archaeological fabrics,...
Book Penelope B. Drooker, ed., with Laurie Webster
No Image Available Beyond the Stones of Machu Picchu: Folk Tales and Stories of Inca Lives
With paintings by Angel L. Callañaupa Álvarez, the vivid paintings and stories provide a rare glimpse into Inca peoples' creative work, especially the famous Andean practice of weaving and other textile arts.
Book Elizabeth Conrad VanBuskirk
No Image Available Caucasian Textiles, 16th – 20th Century Book Ann Lane Hedlund, H. Medill Sarkisian and Peter Robinson
No Image Available Cloth That Does Not Die: The Meaning of Cloth in Bunu Social Life
The Bunu Yoruba people of central Nigeria mark every critical juncture in an individual's life, from birthing ceremonies to funeral celebrations, with handwoven cloth. The author explains how and why this is...
Book Elisha Renne
No Image Available Continuous Strand Weaving Method, Techniques and Projects for Triangle, Square, and Rectangle Frame Looms
This weaving method is a magical, unique way of weaving in which the loom dresses itself as the weaving progresses.  There is no limit to the types of textiles created using this...
Book Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser
No Image Available Crafts of Armenia
This book features fifty artists shown in their studios, with several pieces of their work. Information is given about the development of each person and the unique approach of each to their...
Book Philis Alvic
No Image Available Crazy Lace: an artistic approach to creative lace knitting
Crazy Lace explores the use with and without pre-charted lace knitting designs in traditional shawl structures including instruction, charts and inspirational photos.
Book Myra Wood
No Image Available Crazyshot Companion- Charted Designs for Overshot Weaving on the Rigid Heddle Loom
Crazyshot Companioncontains over 100 charted designs, along with complete instructions for incorporating them into your Crazyshot projects. You'll also find ways to combine or modify charts, to add color, or to translate...
Book Myra Wood
No Image Available Crazyshot- Creative Overshot Weaving on the Rigid Heddle Loom
Crazyshot - creative overshot weaving - introduces anyone who uses a rigid heddle loom to a whole world of creative weaving. Using just one heddle and one pick-up stick explore color, design,...
Book Myra Wood
No Image Available Creative Crafts of the World
Creative Crafts of the World is a practical guide for teaching folk art to groups of children, young adults, adults, even yourself! From years of teaching real-life folk art classes, these lesson...
Book Marilyn Romatka
No Image Available Creative Crochet Lace
Creative Crochet Lace is a template-based approach to creating wearable art using a freestyle approach to lace crochet. Templates, general instructions and lots of inspirational photos are included.
Book Myra Wood
No Image Available Cuando una mujer se levanta (Spanish translation of When a Woman Rises)
This edition is available for free for Mayas in Chiapas - Dos mujeres zapatistas, atadas por expectativas culturales, luchan por expresar la verdad de sus vidas en los altos de Chiapas. Magdalena...
Book Christine Eber
No Image Available Death and the Textile Industry in Nigeria
This book draws upon thinking about the work of the dead in the context of deindustrialization - specifically, the decline of the textile industry in Kaduna, Nigeria - and its consequences for...
Book Elisha Renne
No Image Available Embroidering with the Loom: Creative Combinations of Weaving and Stitchery
For handweavers interested in incorporating embroidery into their work, including weaving specially designed backgrounds for embroidery, weaving portions of embroidery stitches, and using embroidery to add touches difficult or impossible to weave....
Book Penelope B. Drooker
No Image Available Embroidering within Boundaries: Afghan Women Creating a Future
This book traces the converging paths of traditional khamak embroidery, the 400 brave women who have found in it a way to build their lives, and the tenuous state of their efforts...
Book Rangina Hamidi and Mary Littrell
No Image Available Exploring Multishaft Design and Exploring Multishaft Design, second edition
Exploring Multishaft Design is a workshop in a book. Create and understand new drafts by following step-by-step exercises with examples using 8 shafts, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 24 shafts. It does...
Book Bonnie Inouye
No Image Available Faces of Tradition: Weaving Elders of the Andes
The powerful visual expressions of Joe Coca's photographs introduce dozens of elder weavers and the landscapes that they occupy in the Cusco region of the Peruvian Andes. A revealing cultural study presents...
Book Nilda Callañaupa Álvarez, Christine Franquemont and Joe Coca
No Image Available Finishes in the Ethnic Tradition
Fringe treatments, decorative seams and embellishments from global textiles are presented, with great illustrations that are easy to follow.
Book Karen Searle and Suzanne Baizerman
No Image Available Fire and Clay, the Art of Oaxacan Pottery
This book is an homage to the wisdom of the ancestral indigenous potters throughout the wildly diverse state of Oaxaca, Mexico. It is a pioneering work, for most of the 70 villages...
Book Eric Mindling
No Image Available Fleeting Identities: Perishable Material Culture in Archaeological Research, ed.
Draws from current worldwide archaeological research to highlight the importance to peoples' lives of perishable materials that rarely survive in the archaeological record but which represent up to 90% of all material...
Book Penelope B. Drooker, ed.
No Image Available Goddess Embroideries of Eastern Europe
Study of folk goddesses portrayed on embroideries and weavings in Russia, Ukraine and Eastern European countries of Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Poland.
Book Mary B Kelly
No Image Available Goddess Embroideries of the Balkan Lands and Greek Islands
Folk tales of the of the Balkans and Greek islands with a focus on symbols rituals and the meaning of local goddesses on embroidery.
Book Mary B Kelly
No Image Available Goddess Embroideries of the Northlands
A textile survey of female deities, preserved by women on textiles from the Neolithic to the 20th century on textiles from Siberia to the Atlantic Ocean. Symbolic interpretation on embroidery and weaving...
Book Mary B Kelly
No Image Available Goddess Women Cloth
World-wide symbols of female deities, preserved by women on textiles in Alaska, North and South America, China and Japan, central and south east Asia.
Book Mary B Kelly
No Image Available Granddaughters of Corn
With photographs and text, this book deals with the brutal 1980s civil war and especially its effects on women. In 1985 Anderson and Garlock produced a widely traveled photography and text exhibit...
Book Marilyn Anderson and Jonathan Garlock
No Image Available Guardians of the Arts / Guardianes de las Artes
This book of 43 prints developed over more than 10 years and is the result of the author's love of traditional Mayan culture and her love of printmaking. Not all the arts...
Book Marilyn Anderson
No Image Available Guatemalan Textiles Today
The text and photos present the different looms and weaving techniques from many parts of Guatemala. It shows the many designs and patterns current at that time when traditional dress was worn...
Book Marilyn Anderson
No Image Available Guatemalan Woven Wealth – Preserving a Rich Textile Tradition
The book discusses the Mayan women's wardrobe which reflects the cultural heritage of generations of weavers. Garments being made and worn currently are rooted in long tradition. There is reference to identifying...
Book Deborah Chandler and Raymond E Senuk
No Image Available Guatemalan-Style Bags and How to Make a Net Bag
This publication highlights Guatemalan bag techniques including loom-woven (treadle, fixed-vertical, vertical frame and horizontal looms), knit and crocheted, linked (single and two element) and looped or knotless netted (simple, hourglass, cross-knit and...
Book Kathryn Rousso
No Image Available Hammock Making Techniques
Based on research with ethnographic examples, this book describes and illustrates fabric structures, finishing techniques, and hanging devices used to produce traditionally constructed hammocks. Basics for how to make a hammock using...
Book Penelope B. Drooker
No Image Available Handwoven Home
Home is where your loom is! Explore the know-how it takes to weave for your home, including yarn selection, tips and techniques, and tons of finishing and project inspiration. Included are over...
Book Liz Gipson
No Image Available How to Weave a Navajo Rug and Other Lessons from Spider Woman
Navajo blankets, rugs, and tapestries are the best-known, most-admired, and most-collected textiles in North America. There are scores of books about Navajo weaving, but no other book like this one. For the...
Book Lynda Teller Pete and Barbara Teller Ornelas
No Image Available In Search of Wild Silk : Exploring a Village Industry in the Jungles of India
Silk! just the word invokes intrigue and fantasies of lavish mounds of rich hued fabrics. The journey of metamorphosis from caterpillar to silken luxury is miraculous. Textile artist Karen Selk delves into...
Book Karen Selk
No Image Available Knit in New Directions
Freeing knitters with all levels of experience to become involved in the creative process and still make a garment that is knit-to-fit, this template-based approach is not math-dependent and works for people...
Book Myra Wood
No Image Available La Gamarra
Focusing on the garment district in Lima, Peru, the book is all photos, 113 pages, of the micro-factories, displays, vendors, fashions, and manikins.
Book Carol Hayman
No Image Available Latin American Brocades
Available online at the University of Arizona's weaving archive: This guide to weaving supplementary weft techniques provides instructions for both pickup and loom-controlled weaves found in primarily in Guatemalan textiles.
Book Karen Searle and Suzanne Baizerman
No Image Available Learning to Weave
A study guide to learn four shaft weaving starting from zero. All of the basics are covered: the tools of weaving, warping the loom, weaving, reading and designing drafts, understanding a dozen...
Book Deborah Chandler
No Image Available Living Maya
"This beautifully illustrated book‚ [is] both an ethnographic study and an homage to a culture." With photography by Jeffrey Jay Foxx
Book Walter F (Chip) Morris, Jr.
No Image Available Maguey Journey: Discovering Textiles in Guatemala
Chapters focus on maguey fibers in Guatemala and include history, botanical information, harvesting, fiber extraction, spinning, dyeing and patterns, and loom-woven (treadle, fixed-vertical, vertical, back-strap and horizontal looms) and non-loom or hand-construction...
Book Kathryn Rousso
No Image Available Makers and Markets: The Wright Collection of Twentieth-Century Native American Art
The extent and significance of an iconic collection of pre-1990s southwestern crafts, including an impressive range of exemplary textiles, basketry, pottery, jewelry, and more. Discusses market factors and the rise of both...
Book Penelope B. Drooker with contributions by Patricia Capone
No Image Available Master Weaver from Ghana
Juvenile nonfiction - 32 pages. Bobbo is a traditional weaver from Ghana, where his ancestors have been weaving for generations. His young son, Kweku, learns from him, just as Bobbo learned from...
Book Gilbert Bobbo Ahiagble and Louise Meyer
No Image Available Maya Gods and Monsters – Supernatural Stories from the Underworld and Beyond
Through captivating stories and lush illustrations, Maya Gods and Monsters draws on ancient creation myths and lore of the Maya people and gives life to wild and quirky gods, magical monsters, and...
Book Carol Karasik
No Image Available Maya Hair Sashes Backstrap Woven in Jacaltenango, Guatemala / Cintas Mayas tejidas con el telar de cintura en Jacaltenango, Guatemala
A bilingual book based on Carol's doctoral dissertation that features the Jakaltek backstrap loom, backstrap weaving, symbolism, and the beautiful hair sashes of the Jakaltek women from both anthropological and artistic perspectives....
Book Carol Ventura
No Image Available Maya Threads: A Woven History of Chiapas
A definitive guide to the history, meaning, and evolution of the beautiful and intricate Maya textiles of Chiapas, Mexico. Photography by Janet Schwartz
Book Walter F (Chip) Morris, Jr. and Carol Karasik
No Image Available Mayan Arts and Crafts of Guatemala / Artes Y Artesanías Mayas de Guatemala
First a children's English/Spanish bilingual coloring book, then in (2003) augmented to eight Mayan languages and Spanish. The latter appeared with the assistance of Maya educators, translators, and Fernando Peñalosa of Yax...
Book Marilyn Anderson
No Image Available Mississippian Village Textiles at Wickliffe
All you ever wanted to know about Native American fabric types and technology in southeastern North America during the millennium before the arrival of Europeans, with data from the relatively few extant...
Book Penelope B. Drooker
No Image Available Moorman Inlay for Rigid Heddle Looms
Monograph on a double-heddle technique.
Book Karen Searle
No Image Available Nature Provides Dyes for Rainbows, A Workshop Approach
A workshop approach for obtaining rainbows of colors during each of three different workshops: Missouri Dye Plants (locally found plants); Ancient Dyes (imported dyes commonly used in America before synthetic dyes in...
Book Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser
No Image Available Navajo Weavers of the American Southwest Book Ann Lane Hedlund, Peter Hiller and Ramona Sakiestewa
No Image Available Oaxaca Stories in Cloth – A Book about People, Belonging, Identity, and Adornment
Oaxaca Stories in Clothincludes more than a hundred sensitive, intimate, full-color portraits of traditional people of the Oaxacan hinterlands who continue to wrap themselves in the clothing that expresses their ancient, living...
Book Eric Mindling
No Image Available Pasar bien por la tierra: El tejido de vida de una mujer maya-tzotzil de Chiapas, México
Spanish translation by Mayra Valtierrez of The Journey of a Tzotzil-Maya Woman: Pass Well Over the Earth. En su historia de vida, Flor de Margarita ("Antonia") relata sus experiencias aprendiendo tejer, enseñando...
Book Christine Eber and Flor de Margarita Pérez Pérez
No Image Available Patience and Power: Women’s Lives in a Moroccan Village
Learn about all aspects of the lives of many rural Moroccan women in the 70s and 80s and some still today. See the ways in which they do have power in this...
Book Susan Schaefer Davis
No Image Available Perishable Material Culture in the Northeast
Objects made from perishable materials are typically rare and fragmented in the archaeological record of northeastern North America. This volume summarizes recent research and provides ten case histories of investigations and analyses...
Book Penelope B. Drooker, ed.