Books, Articles, and Films by WARP Members

No Image Available An exploration of prehistoric spinning technology: Spinning efficiency and technology transition
An experimental archaeology study that compared hand production rates for textile yarns. Archaeometry, 48: 293-307
Magazine Erica Tiedemann and Kathryn A. Jakes
No Image Available Crochet patterns
Most of my articles are crochet patterns in magazines.
Magazine Carol Ventura
No Image Available Culture and History: subregional Variation among the Maya
Mayas from Guatemala and Chiapas, Mexico, narrate strikingly similar stories that are part of their oral tradition. These similarities reflect the fact that Mayas from both areas share a common cultural tradition...
Magazine Brenda Rosenbaum and Liliana Goldin
No Image Available Fiber-safe extraction of red mordant dyes
Description of an extraction and analysis method for textile dyes that are fixed with mordants. Journal of the American Institute for Conservation, 34:195-206
Magazine Erica Tiedemann and Yiqui Yang
No Image Available Guatemalan Story Cloths: Women Finding Their Voices, Piecework Magazine, Fall 2021
Guatemalan Story Cloths: Women Finding Their Voices
Magazine Mary Anne Wise
No Image Available New Exchange Processes in the International Market: the Re-making of Maya Artisan Production in Guatemala
Museum Anthropology Vol 21, No2, Fall 1997. P 72-82
Magazine Brenda Rosenbaum and Liliana Goldin
No Image Available Selvedge Magazine, Latin America edition Issue 89
I wrote an article on the iconography of Chiapas textiles.
Magazine Norma Schafer
No Image Available Un traje en peligro de extinción – A traditional clothing in danger of extinction – Traditional Clothing in Danger of...
My experience with the 'Flor Sylvestre' Mazahua, Santa Rosa de Lima, State of Mexico, teaching themselves spinning, dyeing and weaving skills to maintain their traditional traje.
Magazine Sheri Brautigam
No Image Available Various magazine articles
Many articles on palm, reed and maguey baskets, hats, mats and bags for Revue magazine and Strands See my website.
Magazine Kathryn Rousso
No Image Available Your Weaving Teacher
A column in Handwoven Magazine for 9 years written under the name Debbie Redding.  A column written to help weavers, beginners and others, understand all aspects of weaving, mostly on four or...
Magazine Deborah Chandler