Books, Articles, and Films by WARP Members

No Image Available New Exchange Processes in the International Market: the Re-making of Maya Artisan Production in Guatemala
Museum Anthropology Vol 21, No2, Fall 1997. P 72-82
Magazine Brenda Rosenbaum and Liliana Goldin
No Image Available Oaxaca Stories in Cloth – A Book about People, Belonging, Identity, and Adornment
Oaxaca Stories in Clothincludes more than a hundred sensitive, intimate, full-color portraits of traditional people of the Oaxacan hinterlands who continue to wrap themselves in the clothing that expresses their ancient, living...
Book Eric Mindling
No Image Available On the Bayou – The Story of Acadian Brown Cotton in Selvedge Magazine Volume 76
Article Sharon Gordon Donnan
No Image Available Operating a Backstrap Loom with Laverne Waddington
This video is for all those who have ever been curious about how these wonderfully simple pieces of equipment work. It reveals the secrets behind the smooth and fluid operation of the...
Video Laverne Waddington
No Image Available Pasar bien por la tierra: El tejido de vida de una mujer maya-tzotzil de Chiapas, México
Spanish translation by Mayra Valtierrez of The Journey of a Tzotzil-Maya Woman: Pass Well Over the Earth. En su historia de vida, Flor de Margarita ("Antonia") relata sus experiencias aprendiendo tejer, enseñando...
Book Christine Eber and Flor de Margarita Pérez Pérez
No Image Available Patience and Power: Women’s Lives in a Moroccan Village
Learn about all aspects of the lives of many rural Moroccan women in the 70s and 80s and some still today. See the ways in which they do have power in this...
Book Susan Schaefer Davis
No Image Available Perishable Material Culture in the Northeast
Objects made from perishable materials are typically rare and fragmented in the archaeological record of northeastern North America. This volume summarizes recent research and provides ten case histories of investigations and analyses...
Book Penelope B. Drooker, ed.
No Image Available Perspectives on Anthropological Collections from the American Southwest (ed.)
Perspectives on Anthropological Collections from the American Southwest, edited by Ann Lane Hedlund. Including: Material Anthropology: Connecting Academic Research and Museum Collections; The Study of 19th Century Southwestern Weaving
Chapter in book Ann Lane Hedlund
No Image Available Pine Needle Basketry; an Introduction
56 minute instructional video with Marilyn Romatka. Nothing feels better –– than making something out of nothing! Join us for a lesson in doing just that; from pine needles to useful, hand-crafted...
DVD or streaming Marilyn Romatka
No Image Available Rug Money: How a Group of Maya Women Changed Their Lives through Art and Innovation
Recognizing the dire need for more income-generating opportunities for Maya women in Guatemala, an accomplished American textile artist volunteered to teach one rug-hooking class. What followed is a surprising and heartening story...
Book and eBook Mary Anne Wise and Cheryl Conway-Daly
No Image Available Samplers You Can Use: A Handweaver’s Guide to Creative Exploration
Provides design guidelines for using woven samplers - threading and treadling variations, sett, yarn sizes and types, color, etc. - as the basis for finished functional or fiber-art pieces.
Book Penelope B. Drooker
No Image Available Secrets of Spinning, Weaving, and Knitting in the Peruvian Highlands
In the pages of this book, the young weavers will be your teachers. They chose to share what they have learned with you out of the hope that it will help you...
Book Nilda Callañaupa Álvarez
No Image Available Selvedge Magazine, Latin America edition Issue 89
I wrote an article on the iconography of Chiapas textiles.
Magazine Norma Schafer
No Image Available Shipibo – Movie of Our Memories
My research and writing focus on the production, exchange & display of textiles in contemporary indigenous cultures & European medieval societies. With the Field Museum I worked for several years with Shipibo...
Documentary film Nancy Feldman
No Image Available Silk Fusion
Silk Fusion is a unique process that bonds silk fibres into a lustrous kind of "felt" which can be gossamer and transparent or thick and opaque as leather. Eight projects are presented...
DVD Karen Selk
No Image Available Silk Weavers of Hill Tribe Laos: Textiles, Tradition, and Well-Being
What began as a couple's backpacking adventure with their young sons in Southeast Asia transformed into a thriving fair-trade business. Silk Weavers of Hill Tribe Laos takes the reader on a rare...
Book Joshua Hirschstein, Maren Beck and Joe Coca
No Image Available Silk: The Magic of Metamorphosis
Measures 18.5" x 18.5" Words and beautiful, colorful drawings describe the life cycle of the silkworm from egg to cocoon, to moth to silkworm again within a circle. The area outside the...
Poster Karen Selk
No Image Available Social responsibility in the global market: Fair trade of cultural products
Book was the first to introduce and assess the impacts of a fair trade model for conducting business with artisan-related enterprises.
Book Mary Littrell and Marsha Dickson
No Image Available Socks: A Spin-Off Special Publication for Spinners and Knitters, ed.
Instructions for 20 different handspun, handknitted socks, including hiking socks, knee socks, lace socks, and much more, as well as notes on spinning, choosing equivalent commercial yarns, and techniques. (Note: This book...
Book Deborah Robson and Rita Buchanan
No Image Available Spider Woman’s Children – Navajo Weavers Today
Barbara Teller Ornelas and Lynda Teller Pete are fifth-generation weavers who grew up at the fabled Two Grey Hills Trading Post. Their family and clan connections give them rare insight into where...
Book Lynda Teller Pete, Barbara Teller Ornelas and Joe Coca
No Image Available Spin to Weave
Spinning can add another dimension of creativity to handwoven fabrics. Fiber choices, preparation, yarn finishing and fabric finishing are all discussed. The book is highlighted with projects created from handspun yarns, both...
Book Sara Lamb
No Image Available Swept Under the Rug: A Hidden History of Navajo Weaving
Swept utilizes copious information contained in the correspondence and business records of the Lorenzo Hubbell family, Ganado, AZ (~ 1860s-1960s). Lorenzo Hubbell Sr. is considered the czar of Navajo trade and the...
Book Kathy M′Closkey
No Image Available Tapestry Crochet
Includes the basics of tapestry crochet, the history, tapestry crochet design, special graph papers, and instructions for 10 projects. The four rounds and four spiral projects are now sold for $10 as...
Book Carol Ventura
No Image Available Teaching Through Stories: Jane and Jeremy Learn to Knit
Share your knitting skills with the next generation of fiber enthusiasts! This book is for anyone who wants to teach knitting successfully: teach a neighbor's child, your children, your grandchildren, a small...
Book and eBook Elizabeth Seward
No Image Available Textile Ascendancies: Aesthetics, Production, and Trade in Northern Nigeria
The authors of this edited volume examine handwoven and manufactured textiles, aesthetic preferences as well as textile production, and trade in northern Nigeria. Available from University of Michigan Press website - $28.50...
Book Elisha Renne and S. Maiwada
No Image Available Textile Fiestas of Mexico – A Traveler’s Guide to Celebrations, Markets, and Smart Shopping
This book is an excellent resource guide for select off-the-beaten-path locations and events that offer all the color, joy, and energy of Mexican folklife. Geared to independent-minded travelers, it presents the safest...
Book Sheri Brautigam
No Image Available Textile Traditions of Chinchero: A Living Heritage
Published in cooperation with the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco, this book details all aspects of textile traditions of the weavers of Chinchero, Peru, including the role of special textiles in...
Book Nilda Callañaupa Álvarez
No Image Available Textile Traditions of the Peruvian Highlands
Textile Traditions of the Peruvian Highlands, a video with a plus. Designed as a live Zoom presentation for groups, it includes both a video narrated by Jennifer Moore and the real time...
DVD Andean Textile Arts Programs
No Image Available That they be in the middle, Lord: Women, Weaving, and Cultural Survival in San Pedro Chenalhó
In Artisans and Cooperatives: Developing Alternative Trade for the Global Economy, edited by Kimberly Grimes and Lynne Milgram.
Chapter in book Christine Eber
No Image Available That We May Serve Beneath Your Hands and Feet: Women Weavers in Highland Chiapas in Crafts in The World Market:...
Chapter in book Christine Eber and Brenda Rosenbaum
No Image Available The Art and Science of Natural Dyes
During the last 12 years my work has been focused on a deep-dive research of natural dye processes and applications that are practical and safe for the contemporary dyer. My collaborator, Joy...
Book Catharine Ellis and Joy Boutrup
No Image Available The Art of Tapestry Weaving: A Complete Guide to Mastering the Techniques for Making Images with Yarn
An in-depth guide to every aspect of the process, from developing a color palette to selecting yarn, warping the loom, and weaving the image. Weavers can choose from inexpensive tabletop and hand-held...
Book Rebecca Mezoff
No Image Available The Best of Weaver’s series
These books are each a collection of the articles that appeared in Weaver's magazine that cover the topics indicated in the titles. Each book comprises a comprehensive study available nowhere else, including...
Book Madelyn van der Hoogt
No Image Available The Complete Book of Drafting
The Complete Book of Drafting covers all the basic weave structures and how to draft and design them. Part I covers twills and color-and-weave effects, Part II covers overshot. Part III all...
Book Madelyn van der Hoogt
No Image Available The Field Guide to Fleece: 100 Sheep Breeds and How to Use Their Fiber
This is a pocket guide to one hundred sheep breeds and their fiber. Profiles include photos of the animals and quick information about their origins and conservation status, as well as summary...
Book Deborah Robson
No Image Available The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook: More than 200 Fibers from Animal to Spun Yarn
Don't drop this one on your foot. It's 4 pounds of information on fiber animals - everything we could get our hands on (i.e., available at the time to English-speaking fiber folk)....
Book Deborah Robson and Carol Ekarius
No Image Available The Handicrafts of Gujarat
59 minute documentary video program by Marilyn Romatka. Travel to India in this multi-media presentation. We weavers delight in items crafted by the human hand, and the traditional crafts found in the...
DVD or streaming Marilyn Romatka
No Image Available The Journey of a Tzotzil-Maya Woman of Chiapas. Mexico: Pass Well Over the Earth
In her life story Flor de Margarita ("Antonia") relates her experiences learning to weave, teaching her daughters to weave, and organizing women weavers in her community into cooperatives. In one chapter Flor...
Book Christine Eber and Flor de Margarita Pérez Pérez
No Image Available The Practical Spinner’s Guide to Spinning Silk
An overview of what silk preparations are available to the handspinner, how to spin and finish yarns made from silk, and how to use them in a variety of projects shown, made...
Book Sara Lamb
No Image Available The Refining of a Domestic Art: Surayia Rahman
An overview of Bengali kantha embroidery and the role of Surayia Rahman and others in this art's revival and transformation.
Article Cathy Stevulak and Niaz Zaman
No Image Available The Speck Book, an 18th Century Weaving Manuscript by Johann Ludwig Speck, volumes one and two
In 1994 I self-published a two volume booklet on Johann Ludwig Speck. There were only about 200 copies printed as they were printed by hand on an offset press and collated and...
Book Rebecca Collins
No Image Available The Textiles of Guatemala: A Weaver’s View
54 minute documentary video program by Marilyn Romatka. Enter the land of the wonders that come off the back-strap loom. Guatemala is a country long recognized by the weaving world as one...
DVD or streaming Marilyn Romatka
No Image Available The Weaver’s Companion
This compact, sturdy, spiral-bound volume helps weaver's keep track of the details. It's all here: sett and sleying charts, formulas for calculating warp and weft, fiber identification tests, basic weave drafts, finishing...
Book Marilyn Murphy and Linda Lignon
No Image Available The Weaver’s Studio: Doubleweave
Doubleweave is the art of weaving two layers of cloth at the same time, one above the other on the loom, creating beautiful cloth that is reversible yet unique on each side.
Book Jennifer Moore
No Image Available The Window in the Wall
(Youth novel) A fictionalized account of the biblical fall of Jericho around 1400 B.C. from the viewpoint of young Talia who lives inside the formidable walls. Her father is a flax farmer,...
Book Ginny Merritt
No Image Available THREADS
32 minutes. A visionary leader in Bangladesh frees herself and hundreds of other women and families from poverty and social hardships by creating timeless works of art. Winner of three film festival...
DVD or streaming Cathy Stevulak
No Image Available Threads Around the World – From Arabian Weaving to Batik in Zimbabwe
Handmade textiles are personal, no matter where in the world they're created, and these photos and explanations of 25 diverse world cultures' techniques vividly share the details. Take a voyage through the...
Book Deborah Brandon
No Image Available Traditional Weavers of Guatemala – Their Stories, Their Lives
Twenty artisans share their personal histories, hopes, and dreams along with the products of their hands and looms. Sidebar stories about history and culture also help to put the stories in context,...
Book and eBook Deborah Chandler, Teresa Cordón and Joe Coca
No Image Available Triangle Frame Loom Weaving Magic for Shawls, Blankets, Jackets & More
90-minute Workshop Video. This video takes the viewer step-by-step through the process of weaving a triangle shawl and adding a second triangle to make a ruana, turning that into a jacket or...
DVD Carol Leigh Brack-Kaiser
No Image Available Un traje en peligro de extinción – A traditional clothing in danger of extinction – Traditional Clothing in Danger of...
My experience with the 'Flor Sylvestre' Mazahua, Santa Rosa de Lima, State of Mexico, teaching themselves spinning, dyeing and weaving skills to maintain their traditional traje.
Magazine Sheri Brautigam
No Image Available Uzbek Ikat: The Personal Saga of an Exceptional Cloth
49 minute documentary video program by Marilyn Romatka. Experience the exotic in your own home town; travel to Central Asia in this multi-media presentation. We have all seen Uzbek Ikat on the...
DVD or streaming Marilyn Romatka
No Image Available Various magazine articles
Many articles on palm, reed and maguey baskets, hats, mats and bags for Revue magazine and Strands See my website.
Magazine Kathryn Rousso