WARP 2022 Raffle

Ticket sales are now closed for the 2022 International Textile & Book Raffle. Thank you to all who participated! The drawing will be held on Monday, October 10th. We will notify all participants immediately following the drawing, and bundles will be shipped to the winning participants. Please email us at info@weavearealpeace.org if you have any questions.

Raffle Packages

1. Hmong Pillow Covers and Wall Hanging from Above the Fray

Each $5.00 ticket gives you a chance to win a pair of Hmong pillow covers and a matching wall hanging. The set are made by Hmong people in Lao Cai Province, Vietnam, and are made from wax resist batik, indigo dyed center cotton panels that were originally used in traditional baby carriers and women’s jacket shoulder decorations. They were upcycled into these lovely pillow covers and wall hanging which are bordered by village raised, hand-spliced, spun, and handwoven hemp. Each of the pieces were also appliquéd or embroidered, and the backing is cotton with a zipper closing on the pillows. The wall hanging has dragon “coin” decorations. 

This raffle package was donated by Above The Fray: Traditional Hill Tribe Art, a family business owned by WARP Board Member Maren Beck and her husband Josh Hirschstein.  Above the Fray ventures to the hill-tribe regions of Laos and Vietnam to personally select the world’s most exquisite hand-woven silk, cotton, and hemp textiles directly from the hill tribe artisans. A diverse selection of shawls, scarves and other art is woven of village-raised materials using traditional looms. Each textile is carefully chosen for quality, precision, color-play, and charm, and a photo of the artist with that one-of-a-kind piece is often available. Products and information about the artists, motifs, natural dyes, and more can be found on their website hilltribeart.com.

2. Butterflies & Birds Tapestry from Ayni

Each $5.00 ticket gives you a chance to win this one-of-a-kind Butterflies & Birds wall hanging crafted in Ayacucho, Peru. Handwoven with a natural colored cotton warp, this exquisite wall hanging measures 23” x 34”.  Herders in the Andes raise alpacas and sheep whose fiber has been essential to indigenous communities for millenia. Home-based artisans handspin the fiber for weft, dye the yarn with local plants, and weave it on post-colonial upright looms to create beautiful works of art like this one. Such work supports families and communities in Ayacucho, which has been known for its fine textiles for thousands of years.

Donated by Ayni, a not-for-profit organization founded in 2006 by WARP board member Hedy Hollyfield, and  anthropologist, Barbara Wolff. Ayni works to preserve cultural patrimony in Peru and promotes social welfare in Andean communities. Learn more at ayni-usa.org.

3. Guatemalan Huipil and Book “Weaving Identities” from Deborah Chandler

Each $5.00 ticket gives you a chance to win a vintage Guatemalan huipil and the book Weaving Identities. In 1980-81, Carol Hendrickson, an American anthropologist, weaver, and textile lover, lived in the town of Tecpán to do her field work. As a result of that work and subsequent visits, she wrote Weaving Identities – Construction of Dress and Self in a Highland Guatemalan Town. Featuring compelling stories on all aspects of life and almost 50 photographs, Carol tells a story that spans hundreds of years as well as looking closely at life in the time she was there.

With this book, this package includes a huipil, a woman’s top, from Tecpán, Chimaltenango. Woven on a backstrap loom using two different brocade techniques and rich with Mayan symbols, this all-cotton colorful huipil can be worn and/or displayed as a piece of art. The age is unknown, but there are numerous photographs of similar huipils in Carol’s book, taken in the early 1980s. Both the book and the huipil are in good, used condition from Deborah Chandler’s personal collection. Having the two together enhances the value of both!

Author, weaver, and WARP co-founder Deborah Chandler has been a member of WARP since the beginning. She has lived in Guatemala for 20+ years.

4. Bolgatanga 5-Basket Set from Baskets of Africa

Each $5.00 ticket gives you a chance to win this bundle of five handwoven items, including popular Bolgatanga totes, from northern Ghana. The women making these baskets have a mission – to earn a better income in order to care for their children. They believe when a woman creates an income, she puts food into the bowl of her children, which promotes self-esteem for the women, children, and the entire village. This package includes:

  1. Yikene Tote: 20” across x 13” tall (without handles) X 12” deep
  2. Bowl with Handle: 15” across X 5” tall (without handle)
  3. Hand Fan: 17” top to bottom of handle X 11” across
  4. Mini Yikene Tote: 10.5” across X 9” tall (without handles) X 6.5” deep
  5. Shallow Bowl: 12.5 across (without handles) X 2” tall

Donated by Baskets of Africa, a project that pays the highest prices possible to the weavers in Africa while also providing value to customers in the US for highest quality handmade objects. WARP board member Cael Chappell is the founder of Baskets of Africa, whose mission is to nurture ongoing relationships and provide economic stability for these weavers and their families. Learn more at basketsofafrica.com.

5. Kente Cloth Collection from Baskets of Africa

Each $5.00 ticket gives you a chance to win this bundle of three stunning lengths of handwoven Kente cloth. Woven of imported rayon and cotton on home made looms made of sticks and branches, woven strips are machine sewn together using hand crank machines. These pieces were collected by WARP board member Cael Chappell in Agotime and Bonwire Ghana in 2011. This bundle includes:

  1. Traditional gold accented with green, black & white: 54” x 34”
  2. Plum and white accented with green and black: 65” x 43”
  3. Bright multicolored patchwork style: 61” x 35”

Donated by Baskets of Africa, a project that pays the highest prices possible to the weavers in Africa while also providing value to customers in the US for highest quality handmade objects. WARP board member Cael Chappell, founder of Baskets of Africa, works to provide economic opportunity to weavers in Africa, empowering women and preserving culture within partner communities. Learn more at basketsofafrica.com.

6. Backstrap Loom Kit & Online Weaving Class from Kakaw Designs

Each $5.00 ticket gives you a chance to win a one-hour online class in Guatemalan backstrap weaving with a backstrap loom kit. This is an introductory step-by-step class on the art of backstrap weaving with master weaver Doña Lidia and includes a comprehensive PDF guide with links to pre-recorded tutorials. The class will be held on Saturday, October 22, from 10 am-11 am Guatemala time (12 pm – 1 pm US Eastern time) via Zoom from Doña Lidia’s home. The class will be recorded and available to participants after the class.

The small practice backstrap loom kit (10” x 20”) comes with all the tools you need for your first weaving. They already have beautiful ikat designs with naturally-dyed hues in the cotton warp, so with the most simple weave back and forth, your weaving will look radiant. It already looks gorgeous without the weaving, so you really can’t go wrong! Weft thread included is naturally-dyed indigo cotton. The backstrap belt and all other materials are natural – cotton (threads), maguey (backstrap), and wood (loom).

Donated by WARP member Mari Gray, the founder of Kakaw Designs (kakawdesigns.com). Kawkaw Designs connects talented artisans in Guatemala to international creatives and handmade appreciators by creating unique products that incorporate a variety of techniques and traditions found in the country.

7. Mulberry Silk Scarf from Bangladesh & “Threads” Documentary DVD

Each $5.00 ticket gives you a chance to win this breathtaking silk scarf from Maheen Khan’s Spring 2021 collection and a DVD of the award-winning film Threads by WARP member Cathy Stevulak.

The scarf was donated by Maheen Khan, the owner and designer of Studio Mayasir (studiomayasir.com). Maheen is a textile designer trained at Parsons School of Design, and has been involved with social businesses for the past 35 years. The deep, rich violet scarf (45” square) was handwoven of mulberry silk by Studio Mayasir’s artisanal group in the rural Benapol area in the bordering district of Bangladesh. It is hand stitched in a modern, geometric infinity pattern and accented with handmade fabric tassels.

The accompanying DVD Threads features self-trained artist Surayia Rahman who transforms the quilt-work tradition of kantha to create possibilities for a better life for her family and hundreds of young mothers in Bangladesh. Over three decades, as their art becomes prized possessions of connoisseurs around the world, Surayia Rahman and the artisans overcome their hardships with needle and thread, stitch by stitch. The DVD was donated by filmmaker Cathy Stevulak. Learn more about the film at kanthathreads.com.

Both Maheen and Cathy participated in a panel discussion entitled “Beyond the Buzzword: Sustainability Meets Artisanship” at WARP’s 2021 online meeting. We are pleased to offer these two donations as a raffle bundle, both of which reflect the fine craft of Bangladesh.

8. Handwoven Silk from Sarah Saulson

Each $5.00 ticket gives you a chance to win a gorgeous length of handwoven silk in soft hues created by fiber artist Sarah Saulson. This 100% silk, 16 shaft twill is soft, lightweight and drapeable, great for a sewing project or just to admire! It is 32” wide and 40” long.

This original design was handwoven and donated by WARP board member Sarah Saulson. In addition to working with adult learners throughout the country and children in local schools, Sarah taught weaving and textiles for many years at Syracuse University. She now lives in Providence, Rhode Island, and her fiber arts practice is based at Hope Artiste Village, a historic building originally housing a weaving mill. Learn more about Sarah’s work, including workshops and lectures (both in-person and via Zoom) at sarahsaulson.com.

9. Table Runner & Book “Guatemalan Journey Among the Ixil Maya” from Ixil Collective

Each $5.00 ticket gives you a chance to win this table runner and Guatemalan Journey Among the Ixil Maya by Susanna Badgley Place. From the Asociacion Chajulense de Mujeres in Chajul, El Quiché, Guatemala, this 100% cotton table runner was woven with brocade on a backstrap loom. In soft colors, this is a wonderful table accent!

The companion book Guatemalan Journey Among the Ixil Maya offers insight into Ixil-Maya history and culture; portraits of Maya professionals; and detailed explorations of markets, local enterprises, archaeological sites, and ecological wonders. Explore the mountains and minds of the Ixil Maya and the three Ixil-speaking townships of Nebaj, Chajul, and Cotzal in the Guatemalan department of Quiche. 

This table runner and book were donated by Ixil Collective, a collaboration between Maya Ixil weavers and WARP Board Member Elena Laswick. Because the Ixil region of Guatemala is far off the beaten tourist path, there is very little direct access to a market for artisans. Ixil Collective was created to help these remote artisans earn a more substantial market share. Learn more at ixilcollective.org.

10. Indigo-dyed Ikat & Sanuk Jacket Pattern from Mekong River Textiles

Each $5.00 ticket gives you a chance to win Mekong River Textiles’ original Sanuk Jacket sewing pattern and a piece of handwoven indigo-dyed weft ikat cotton from weavers in Laos, perfect for accenting the jacket. The textile is approximately 26” x 29”. The Sanuk pattern is easy to use and creates a casual unlined jacket. (“Sanuk” in Thai means happy!)

Donated by Mekong River Textiles, a social enterprise supporting textile artisans in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia through shows in the Washington DC area and internet sales. Designer, founder, and WARP member Susan McCauley promotes the work of handweaving communities to better their lives while preserving and sustaining significant textile and cultural traditions. Her clothing designs are inspired by Southeast Asia’s vast handwoven textile offerings from numerous highly skilled ethnic groups. Learn more at mekongrivertextiles.com.

11. WARP Author Bundle of 6 Books from Schiffer Craft

Each $5.00 ticket gives you a chance to win this collection of 6 books written by WARP-member authors and donated by Schiffer Craft. Schiffer Craft publishes to help energize maker and craft communities worldwide. They are dedicated to publishing high quality books and kits that inspire, instruct, and educate. View the full collection of Schiffer titles at schiffercraft.com. Books include:

Embroidering within Boundaries: Afghan Women Create a Future by Rangina Hamidi, Mary Littrell & Paula Lerner chronicles the development of Kandahar Treasure, a remarkable and inspiring business run solely by Afghan women.

Every Thread a Story and The Secret Language of Miao Embroidery (slipcased set) by Karen Elting Brock, Wang Jun, Zeng Li & Linda Ligon. Every Thread a Story is a tribute to ethnic minority artisans, and heritage craft traditions and techniques, of China’s Guizhou Province. And The Secret Language of Miao Embroidery offers expect interpretations of the Miao symbols and motifs on traditional clothing of the Miao peoples of China.

Traditional Weavers of Guatemala: Their Stories, Their Lives by Deborah Chandler & Teresa Cordon; Joe Coca (photographer). Rich portraits of Guatemalan artisans – weaving, spinning, and basket making – working in traditional Maya craft with insights into the creation of the textiles and the events that have affected their work.

Women Artisans of Morocco: Their Stories, Their Lives by Susan Schaefer Davis; Joe Coca (photographer). The stories of 25 extraordinary Moroccan textile artisans who spin wool and weave rugs, hand-knot silk buttons, embroider intricate designs passed down through generations, and sew stunning native costumes.

Rug Money: How a Group of Maya Women Changed Their Lives through Art and Innovation by Cheryl Conway-Daly & Mary Anne Wise. Chronicles the story of Multicolores, a rug-hooking nonprofit formed in Guatemala, from work in teaching and design with Maya women to their journey to the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe.

12. Hand Embroidered & Crocheted Manta from Artisans Beyond Borders

Each $5.00 ticket gives you a chance to win this original manta, hand-embroidered and crocheted by Evilalia while waiting on asylum at the shelter la Casa de las Misericordia y de Todas Naciones (The House of Compassion and all Nations) in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. Mantas are used to wrap bread or tortillas, and as a centerpiece for the table, or as a decorative textile for the wall. Manta cloth is 100% natural unbleached organic cotton providing thermal insulation and perfect breathability. This beautiful manta measures 15.5” x 16”.

Donated by the all-volunteer, Tucson-based project Artisans Beyond Borders, formed in 2019 as a way to bring trauma-informed arts and activities to asylum-seekers and their families waiting in shelters and on the streets in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. All sales from Artisans Beyond Borders go directly to the artisans and to keep the not-for-profit initiative going. To learn more visit ArtisansBeyondBorders.org. Artisans Beyond Borders was featured in a panel discussion, Adaptation with Migration, during WARP’s 2022 online meeting.