Schacht Spindle Co.

Schacht Spindle Co.
6101 Ben Pl.
Boulder, CO 80301

(303) 442-3212

Contact person: Judy Pagels

Schacht-logoSchacht is experienced with shipping to foreign countries and working with weaving and spinning projects worldwide. Established in 1969, Schacht is a full-service weaving and spinning supplier. Manufacturer of the award-winning Cricket Loom, innovative folding travel Sidekick Spinning Wheel, Ultra Umbrella Swift, and the new Zoom Loom—4/4 pin loom. Other popular products: the Flip rigid-heddle loom, Ladybug and Matchless spinning wheels, Wolf Pup, Baby and Mighty Wolf Looms, Standard Floor Looms—as well as all of the accessories to go with them. Other products include the Cranbrook Countermarche Loom and the Schacht Reeves Spinning wheel.