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Spring 2022 Newsletter

  • The Red Dress Project
  • Selecting Artisans for IFAM
  • WARP’s New Executive Director
  • UGAN Exhibit in Switzerland
  • From the Office
  • WARP Members Meet at CNCH
  • Save the Date: 2022 Annual Meeting
  • Member Profile: Elena Laswick
  • WARP on Social Media
  • Oaxaca, Mexico: Navigating Textile Narratives
  • Thanks to Volunteers!
  • WARP Community Leadership Award
  • New Members
  • “Textile Traditions of the Peruvian Highlands”
  • From WARP’s President
  • Fundraising for COVID Relief Grants
  • Nominating committee Report
  • WARP Donors
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Peacewomen Across the Globe
Jackie Abrams with Bolga basketmakers, photo taken by Ann Schunior

Winter 2021 Newsletter

  • Virtual Board Retreat
  • Shipibo-Conibo Artisan
  • Textile Museum Happenings
  • 2022 Meeting will be Virtual
  • Zoom Panels Scheduled
  • From the Office
  • Member Profile: Carol Ventura
  • “Alternative Media” Project
  • WARP Donors
  • R. L. Shep Award
  • Jackie Abrams
  • Can Amazon Support Fair Trade?
  • New Members
  • Giving Tuesday
  • Raffle Results
  • Buy Fair Trade
Hilda Mayta Mescco prepares alpaca fiber for the weaving process

Fall 2021 Newsletter

  • Traditional Weaving in Sardinia
  • Baskets of Africa
  • 2021 Annual Meeting
  • Zoom Panels Scheduled
  • From the Office
  • WARP Receives Generous Donation
  • Member Profile: Valarie Lee James
  • From WARP’s President
  • Fair Trade Federation Update
  • WARP Donors
  • Weaving for Peace Exhibit
  • New Members
  • WARP Raffle
  • COVID Grant Beneficiaries
  • Scholarships to Annual Meeting
  • Kakaw Designs
Naturally dyed raffia in Rwenzori Mountain region of Uganda

Summer 2021 Newsletter

  • Times of COVID in Mexico
  • COVID’s Impact on UGAN
  • 2021 Annual Meeting to be Virtual
  • From the Office
  • Zoom Panels Exceptional!
  • Member Profile: Catherine Joslyn
  • WARP on Social Media
  • From WARP’s President
  • WARP’s 2021 Auction
  • New Members
  • 2021 Annual Budget
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Business Networking Group
  • IFAM Returns to Santa Fe
  • Slate of Officers Presented
  • WARP Donors
  • Hesperian Health Guides
Marcelina, Otami embroiderer from San Nicholas, Hidalgo

Spring 2021 Newsletter

  • Kakaw Designs
  • Covid-19 and #kaamnotdaan
  • 2021 Annual Meeting to be Virtual
  • Assistantships Available
  • WARP Membership Information
  • From the Office
  • 2021 Online Auction
  • Member Profile: Betsy Blosser
  • WARP on Social Media
  • From WARP’s President
  • New Members
  • How Are You Faring?
  • WARP Donors
  • WARP Panel Donors
  • Nominating Committee
  • WARP Zoom Panels
  • WARP Business Members Network
  • Publisher of Books
Doña Lidia Lopez, weaver for Kakaw Designs

Winter 2020 Newsletter

  • Stitching Beirut Back Together
  • Covid-19: An Inflection Point?
  • 2021 Annual Meeting Cancelled
  • Thrums Books Joins Schiffer
  • WARP Membership Information
  • From the Office
  • Giving Tuesday
  • Member Profile: Mary Flad
  • WARP on Social Media
  • From WARP’s President
  • Buy Threads Around the World
  • WARP Auction a Success!
  • Donations Sought for Food
  • Newsletter Deadlines
  • New Members
  • Acadian Brown Cotton
  • Book Review: Second Hand
  • Thanks to Donors
  • Buy Fair Trade
  • Books (and more)
A member of the Pich family adding finishing touches to wild grass nesting baskets for display on Amano Marketplace

Fall 2020 Newsletter

  • Otomi “Tenangos”
  • UPAVIM in the Time of Covid-19
  • WARP 2021
  • Gloria Davis Assistantships
  • From the Office
  • WARP Survey Results
  • Member Profile: Cathy Stevulak
  • From WARP’s President
  • New Members
  • Book Review: Clothing Poverty
  • Book Review: How to Weave a Navajo Rug
  • 2019-2020 Annual Report
  • Thanks to Donors
  • Costumes to Tell Stories
  • Maintaining Community
An UPAVIM Weaver

Summer 2020 Newsletter

  • Weaving Justice
  • Moroccan Embroidery
  • Next Year in Montana!
  • Thrums Books – Giving Back
  • From the Office
  • Nominating Committee Report
  • Member Profile: Christine Eber
  • WARP on Social Media
  • From WARP’s President
  • New Members
  • Staying Home & Living Fair Traide
  • New from Thrums Books
  • In Memoria – Michele Whipplinger
  • 2019 Financial Report/ Treasurer’s Report
  • Thanks to Donors
  • Alpaca Spinners in Peru
  • Update: Artisans Beyond Borders
Claudia Muñoz of Weaving for Justice

Spring 2020 Newsletter

  • Artisans Beyond Borders
  • Himroo Revival Project
  • WARP 2020: Agenda
  • WARP Membership Information
  • WARP’s Story
  • Giving Tuesday
  • Member Profile: Mari Gray
  • WARP on Social Media
  • From WARP’s President
  • Scholarships for Meeting Available
  • Travel Opportunities
  • WARP 2020: Need to Know
  • Board Nominations Sought
  • Travel Opportunities
  • New Members
  • Assistantships Available
  • Attention Vendors!
  • Live and Silent Auctions
  • Thanks to Donors
  • Limitless Horizons for Ixil Weavers
Abdul Hamid, the one surviving Himroo weaver returns to his loom after nearly a decade

Winter 2019

  • Woven Air: Luxury Textiles of Bangladesh
  • Argentine Textiles
  • 2020 Annual Meeting
  • WARP Membership Information
  • From the Office
  • Giving Tuesday
  • Member Profile: Kate Colwell
  • WARP on Social Media
  • From WARP’s President
  • Ask Me About WARP!
  • Artisan Textile Resource Guide Updated
  • New Members
  • Early WARP Member Dies
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Thanks to Donors
  • Fair Trade Federation Conference
  • Gifts of Meaning: “Choose Artisan” for Better Future

Fall 2019

  • Mekong River Textiles
  • 2019 Annual Meeting
  • From WARP’s President
  • From the WARP Office
  • Marketplace Vendors
  • Member Profile: Marcia Bellas
  • Social Media Connections
  • Scholarship Student Reflects
  • Apprentices Provide Feedback
  • Textile Techniques: Central Asia: Ikat
  • WARP Annual Report 2018-2019
  • 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes (Draft)
  • WARP 2017-2019 Budgets
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Host a Mayan Hands Sale
  • 2019 IFAM Results
  • Thanks to Donors
  • New from Thrums Books
  • Meeting Photos

Summer 2019

  • Master Weaver Chapuchi Ahiagable
  • Upcycled Baskets in Guatemala
  • Annual Business Meeting Agenda
  • Scholarship, Assistantship Awardees
  • Nominating Committee Report
  • From the WARP Office
  • 2020 Annual Meeting
  • Member Profile: Dorinda Dutcher
  • From WARP’s President
  • Textile Techniques: Polynesia: Tapa (Bark-cloth).
  • WARP Auctions
  • New Members
  • Selvedge World Fair
  • Thanks to Donors
  • Celebrating the Return of Spring
  • Interlacements: Threads and Lives

Spring 2019 Immigrant Yarn Project: Sharing What We Have in Common

  • Jhoole
  • 2019 Annual Meeting Agenda
  • From the WARP Office
  • Scholarships Available
  • Auctions!
  • Member Profile: Hedy Hollyfield
  • From WARP’s President
  • Correction: Sheer Elegance
  • Textile Techniques: India – Dabu Resist-Printing
  • Membership Committee
  • Board Nominations Sought
  • Job Opportunity
  • New Members
  • International Marketplace
  • New WARP Digital Press Kit
  • Giving Tuesday
  • Assistantships Available
  • Thanks to Donors
  • Annual Meeting Registration
  • FTF Conference

2018 Winter Colombia’s Craft Sector: A Path to Lasting Peace

  • Path to Peace in Columbia
  • UGAN Craft Cooperative
  • 2019 Annual Meeting
  • From the WARP Office
  • Member Profile: Molly Martin
  • Social Media Connections
  • From WARP’s President
  • Giving Tuesday
  • New Members
  • Textile Techniques: Sweden – Lovikka Mittens
  • Recruiting for Membership
  • When a Woman Rises
  • The Next Generation: Las Tradiciones Vivan
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Indigo, Anil, Xiuquilitl, Pastel
  • Sheer Elegance Documentary

2018 Fall An Indigo-Adire Workshop with the Man Who Could be King

  • The Man Who Could Be King
  • On the Border with Christine Eber
  • President’s Column
  • WARP’s New Coordinator
  • Membership Information
  • From the Office
  • A Word from Thrums
  • Member Profile: Kelsey Wiskirchen
  • Social Media Connections
  • Scholarship Students Reflect
  • New Members
  • 2018-2019 Newsletter Copy Due
  • Textile Techniques: Italy – Jacquard Looms
  • WARP Annual Update
  • Minutes – 2018 Annual Meeting
  • A Leap of Faith
  • FTF Update
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Meeting Photos

2018 Summer The Triple Role of Textiles: Insights from Syrian Refugees

  • Alpaca Clothing in Equador
  • WARP Bulletin Board
  • Member Profile: Barbara Scott
  • Auctions at Annual Meeting
  • Carol Hayman Exhibit
  • New Members
  • Textile Techniques: Jordan – Camel Hair Shawl (and more)
  • From the WARP President
  • 2019 WARP Meeting in DC
  • Marketplace at Annual Meeting
  • WARP Budgets 2017-2018
  • Alice Brown Scholars Named
  • Thrums Books Receive Awards
  • Thanks for Donors
  • Travels
  • Nominating Committee Presents Slate
  • Threads Around the World!!
  • Katya Ya’a Urgent Appeal
Photo of cover of Spring 2018 WARP Newsletter

2018 Spring Threads: Changing Lives Stitch by Stitch, now available on DVD

  • Reimagining Tradition
  • WARP Meeting Coming Soon
  • Where Networking Happens
  • Wither Goest WARP?
  • Member Profile: Nicole Giacomantonio
  • Auctions!
  • New Members
  • Textile Techniques: Kaitag Embroidery
  • Member Directory Available
  • From the WARP President
  • FTF Conference
  • Tips for Using Google Groups
  • Nominating Committee
  • Marketplace
  • Peruvian Textiles in a Box
  • Alice Brown Scholarships Available
  • Thanks to WARP Donors
  • Post Meeting Tour

Winter 2017 Queen Amina Embroidery, Annual Meeting 2018, Celebrating WARP’s 25th Anniversary

  • Queen Amina Embroidery
  • Dolls to Celebrate Maya Traje
  • 2018 WARP Meeting in Iowa
  • From the Office
  • Member Profile: Joan Ruane
  • Thanks to WARP Donors
  • Textile Techniques: Aran Sweaters
  • New Members
  • From the WARP President
  • WARP on the Web
  • WARP’s 25th Anniversary
  • Letters
  • Is Artisan Work Sustainable
  • Turkish Artisans
  • Around the World with Semester at Sea
Download and read about the 2017 Annual Meeting, as well as what's happening in Guatemala, and Morroco in our the fall 2017 WARP Newsletter.
Download and read about the 2017 Annual Meeting, as well as what’s happening in Guatemala, and Morroco in the fall 2017 WARP Newsletter newsletter.

Fall 2017  Women Artisans of Morocco, Welcome New Leaders, Updates, Opportunities

  • Women Artisans of Morocco
  • Thrums Books
  • WARP’s New President
  • From the Office
  • WARP Board Update
  • Member Profile: Lolli Jacobsen
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Update from Fair Trade Federation
  • A Year Well Spent
  • New Members
  • Textile Techniques: Mexico
  • Rebozo Fringes
  • Special Section:
    2016-2017 Annual Update
    2016-2017 Budget Report
    2016-2017 Treasurer’s Report
  • Scholarship Students Reflect
  • Young Members’ Initiative
  • Evolution or Revolution?

Summer 2017  Chaguar Textiles, Farewells and Nominations, Three Alice Brown Memorial Scholarships Awarded

  • Chaguar Textiles of Wichi
  • My Passion for Hmong Story Cloth
  • Reading List for Oaxaca Travelers
  • 2017 Business Meeting Agenda; Membership Information
  • Farewell as President – Cindy Lair
  • Member Profile: Cheryl Musch
  • Three Receive Alice Brown Memorial Scholarships
  • Textile Techniques: Suzani Embroidery
  • Happy 25th Birthday to WARP
  • Blue (Indigo) Sundays
  • Nominating Committee Presents Slate for Board Members

Spring 2017  Meeting Details, Strategic Planning, Weaving Traditions

Read about the upcoming Annual Meeting in beautiful Oaxaca, Mexico, and make your plans!
Read about the upcoming Annual Meeting in beautiful Oaxaca, Mexico, and make your plans!
  • Preserving Zapotec Weaving Traditions
  • Njabini Wool Crafters
  • 2017 Meeting Agenda, Special Scholarships Available, Alice Brown Memorial Scholarships
  • Consider a WARP Board Position
  • Member Profile: Susan Schaefer Davis
  • Tours:  Morroco and Bhutan
  • WARP Strategic Plan
  • Textile Techniques: Scotland: Waulking
  • WARP Goes to MAFA
  • Tinkuy 2017 November 8 – 11
  • Irmgard Weitlaner-Johnson
  • Chiapan Weavers to WARP

Winter 2016  Announcing Details for Oaxaca in 2017!

  • Tentmakers of Egypt
  • Aleppo’s Great Bazaar: A Eulogy
  • 2017 Annual Meeting in Oaxaca
  • 2017 Membership Information
  • Member Profile: Sara Lamb
  • Best News You Didn’t Know
  • Textile Techniques: Why India?
  • Birth and Rebirth to be published
  • Taproot video

Fall 2016  Report on 2016 Annual Meeting

Read the report on the 2016 Annual Meeting, and more about Mexican Women Artisans and Human Rights (article by Christine Eber)
Fall 2016:  Read the report from the 2016 Annual Meeting, and more about Mexican Women Artisans and Human Rights (article by Christine Eber)

Summer 2016  2016 Annual Meeting July 8-12 in Santa Fe!!

Spring 2016  See details for 2016 Annual Meeting in Santa Fe, NM

Winter 2015 

Fall 2015

  • Bosnian Folk Textile Traditions in Jeopardy Without the Grandmothers
  • Ruraq Maki: Empowering Women in Prison
  • Save the Date: 2016 WARP Annual Meeting / IFAM in Santa Fe July 8-12
  • Welcome Rita Chapman
  • New Members
  • WARP YouTube Videos
  • Letters: Help Wanted
  • 2015 Alice Brown Scholarship Students
  • Member Profile Columnist Needed
  • Textile Techniques: Estonian Hand Knit Mittens
  • Seeds for Fiber and Food
  • Warp on the Web
  • 2016 Fair Trade Federation Conference
  • Target to Sell GoodWeave Rugs
  • Artisan Textile Resource Guide, 2nd Ed.
  • Celebrate International Batik Day

Summer 2015

  • Katyi ya’a Revives Native Cotton Growing, Spinning, Weaving in Oaxaca
  • Traditional Weavers of Guatemala: Their Stories, Their Lives Debuts
  • 2015 Annual Meeting Summary
  • Membership Information
  • From the Prez
  • WARP Governing Board
  • Artisan Textile Resource Guide, 2nd Ed.
  • Thanks to WARP Donors
  • WARP Media 101
  • 2014 Accomplishments
  • Textile Techniques: Zari Brocade
  • New Members
  • Work named Best of Show
  • Special Section: 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes, Financial Report
  • Guatemalans Reject GMO Seed
  • Annual Meeting Photos

Spring 2015

  • Fifth Generation Weaver in Bhutan Continues Textile Traditions
  • Threads of Life: An Update
  • 2015 Annual Meeting / Presenter Bios / Registration Form
  • WARP Seeks Administrative Coordinator
  • Member Profile: Judi Jetson
  • New Members
  • Connections
  • Thanks to WARP Donors
  • Textile Techniques: Matyo Embroidery
  • Kuba Textiles Exhibition
  • Marketplace!
  • International Folk Art Festival
  • Auctions Promise Treasures, Fun
  • Bhutanese Weaving Classes in US
  • Rituals and Textiles in Peru

Winter 2014

  • The Ngurunit Basket Weavers
  • WomenWeave: An Update
  • Artisan Textile Resource Guide Available Electronically
  • 2015 Annual Meeting in California
  • Rugmark Founder Receives Nobel Peace Prize
  • Member Profile: Susan Strauss
  • Connections: Spinning Competition Builds Bridges
  • Textile Techniques: Kilt Hose
  • Shop Your Values

Fall 2014

  • Tintes Naturales from Guatemala
  • Indian Weaving Traditions Continue
  • Nilda Callañaupa Alvarez Receives Artisan Hero Award
  • Rangsa ni Tonun: North Sumatra Video
  • Member Profile: Susan Weltman
  • Textiles Techniques: Vodou Flags
  • Celebrate Learning to Weave
  • Borucan Weavers Conquer Floor Loom
  • Artisan Resource Guide

Summer 2014

  • Traditional Saudi Arabian Dresses
  • 2014 WARP Annual Meeting: Creating a Connected Textile Community
  • Recycled Huipiles?
  • Scholarship Recipients Reflect
  • Peru –  2D Embroidery
  • 2013 Annual Report

Spring 2014

  • Suzani Embroidery Lives on in Uzbekistan
  • Tinkuy de Tejedores: A Gathering of Weavers
  • WARP’s 2014 Annual Meeting
  • Textile Techniques – Piña Cloth
  • Member Profile: Katie Simmons
  • Women of the World: Textiles and Tradition

Winter 2013

  • The Dobby/Jacquard Hybrid Sari of Bangladesh
  • PUCHKA Peru Weaves a New Pattern
  • Sewing Confidence Presentation at WARP 2013
  • Textile Techniques – Smocking
  • Indian State to Improve Condition of Weavers

Fall 2013

  • Cambodia Community Provides Opportunities
  • Free Access to Plans for Ergonomic Weaving Bench
  • Member Profile: Irene Laughing Cloud Schmoller
  • Noble Journeys
  • Alice Brown Scholarship Recipients Reflect on Annual Meeting
  • Textile Techniques: Miao Textiles, Part 2: Shiny Cloth
  • Special Section: 2011 Annual Report/2012 Annual Meeting

Summer 2013

  • Weft Ikat Weaving Brings Change to Rural District in India
  • Knitting with Imagination in Peru and Kenya
  • Cultural Cloth Promotes Women’s Work
  • Member Profile: Deb Brandon
  • Textile Techniques from Around the World: Miao Textiles, Part 1

Spring 2013

  • Ikat Dyeing and Weaving in Uzbekistan
  • Sewing Peace in Afghanistan
  • Contribute to the Full Moon Banner
  • Book Review: Textiles: The Art of Mankind, by Mary Schoeser
  • Textile Techniques from Around the World: Ghana – Adinkra Cloth
  • Louie Garcia and the Pueblo Men’s Cotton and Weaving Project

Winter 2012

  • Trading Textiles for Solar on Taquile Island
  • The Kashmir Shawl Today
  • Artisan Tour to Ayachucho, Peru
  • Folk Art Market Provides Business and Marketing Expertise
  • Shopping with Simplicity – Our Holiday Challenge
  • Textile Techniques – Embroidered Kantha Quilts
  • News from the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco

Fall 2012

  • Costa Rica and Guatemala: An Exchange
  • Weaving as Therapy
  • Why Does It Cost So Much? Part II: Retail Stores
  • Member Profile: Leslie Grace: Bridging Cultures
  • Textile Techniques – Turkey: Felted Mantles
  • Wari Exhibit at Cleveland Museum of Art
  • Bilbert “Bobbo” Ahiagble: 1944-2012
  • Reviving Natural Dye Methods a Worldwide Effort

Summer 2012

  • Reflection and Renewal: Celebrating What We Are
  • WARP Does Morocco
  • Why Does It Cost So Much? Buying There vs. Buying Here
  • Weave a Universal Web of Friendship
  • Member Profile: Teena Jennings
  • Alice Brown Scholarship Recipients Reflect on Annual MeetingTextile Techniques – Turkey: Hats and Dervishes
  • Special Section: 2011 Annual Report/2012 Annual Meeting

Spring 2012

  • Kushu Techniques of Bhutan
  • Weaving Hand
  • 2012 Annual Meeting
  • Project Update: Njabini Wool and Weaving Workshop
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Alice Brown Scholarship Recipients Announced
  • Textile Technique – Faroese Shawls
  • What Does it Mean to be a Fully Committed Fair Trader?
  • Happy Birthday WARP!
  • Sadu Textiles Receive Intangible Heritage of Humanity Designation

Winter 2011

  • WARP’s 2012 Annual Meeting Celebrates 20th Year!.
  • Book Review: Global Girlfriends, by Stacey Edgar
  • Hand to Hand Seeks Input from Membership
  • Morocco in May and, especially for WARP members, in June
  • Member Profile – Eric Mindling: Creating Awareness in Mexico
  • ClothRoads Launches Online Marketplace
  • Textile Technique – Morocco: Berber Rugs, Part II
  • Return of the Corn Mothers Exhibit Travels to Denver
  • Host a Fair Trade After-Christmas Sale
  • 20th Annual WARP Conference, Celebration – Agenda & Registration
  • Women Hold Up Half the Sky Exhibit

Fall 2011

  • Rug Hooking in Guatemala
  • Member Profile – Sarah Saulson: Achieving a Balance
  • WARP’s 20th Anniversary!
  • International Folk Art Market – 2011
  • Next Year in Santa Fe!
  • Textile Technique – Morocco: Berber Rugs
  • Fair Trade in Action
  • Threads of Life Update
  • Textile Museum, George Washington University to Affiliate
  • Travel: Get Hooked on Guatemala

Summer 2011

  • Volunteering in Guatemala: Oxzlajuj B’atz’
  • Annual Meeting: A Confirmation of Core Values
  • The Traveling Textile Sisters
  • From the WARP Office
  • Member Profile – Gloria Miller: Sister of Mercy, Nurse, Weaver
  • Mayan Hands, UPAVIM Provide Opportunity to Raise Money for WARP
  • Book Review: Maguey Journey: Discovering Textiles in Guatemala
  • Textile Technique – India: Leheriya and Mothra
  • Special Section: 2010 Annual Report/2011 Annual Meeting
  • Hand to Hand

Spring 2011

  • Introductions (complete text)
  • Tinkuy de Tejedores
  • Wool Weavers of Western Rajasthan
  • Member Profile – Jackie Abrams: A Teacher in the Truest Sense
  • FTF: Fueling the Engine of Growth
  • Textile Technique – Italy: Assisi Embroidery
  • Hand to Hand: Kenyan Weavers and Basket Makers
  • Hand to Hand: How One Guild Assists Artisans
  • Saganishiki: A Uniquely Japanese Weaving Technique
  • Textiles and Traditions in the Marketplace

Winter 2010

  • Work with Moroccan Weavers
  • Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Centre
  • Plans for WARP 2011 Annual Meeting Gearing Up
  • Member Profile – Linda Bowden: Army nursing to Saganishiki
  • Rachel Biel, Textile and Fiber Art List
  • FTF: Reconnecting our Communities
  • Textile Technique – British Isles: Ganseys
  • A Bolivian Quechua Weaver’s Comments on TINKUY 2010
  • Shop Fair Trade this Holiday Season

Fall 2010

  • Craftspring Shares Kyrgyz Stories
  • Maguey Textile Traditions Continue in Guatemala
  • Hand to Hand: PAZA
  • Santa Fe International Folk Festival
  • Member Profile: Nilda Callanaupa Alvarez
  • Dream Weavers: Macy’s Sells Fair Trade Baskets from Rwanda
  • Textile Techniques: India – Shisha Embroidery
  • California Guild and Guatemalan Weavers Inspire ‘Hand to Hand’
  • Untangling Threads: Female Artisans in Morocco’s Rug Weaving Industry

Summer 2010

  • Weaving Together Brings Sense of Unity
  • PAZA Revives Traditional Dyeing Techniques
  • ABM Scholar Kelsey Wiskirchen
  • Hand to Hand
  • Member Profile: Judy Allen
  • FTF: Transforming Our Global Community
  • Textile Techniques: Bolivian Jalq’a Weaving

Spring 2010

  • Textile Workshop at Camphill Village
  • Member Profile: Judy Newland
  • Textile Techniques: Paj Ntaub Tib Neeg: H’mong Story Cloth
  • Moroccan Rug Society Reactivated
  • Anyi – Improving Lives and Preserving Culture in Peru’s Highlands
  • Handcrafts Bring Income, Dignity, Hope to Haitian Artisans
  • Sheep is Life Festival
  • History and Use of Natural Dyes in the Americas Tour, Workshop
  • Weaving Cultures of Bali and Timor: Textile Tour

Winter 2009

  • In Search of Mexican Rebozo Traditions
  • Member Profile: Candy Meacham
  • Textile Techniques: Quilting – Worldwide Techniques
  • Textile Trip to Bali
  • Documenting Warp Ikat in India
  • HAND/EYE: a Labor of Love
  • Bench Making Has Begun
  • Thirteen Threads (Oxlajuj B’atz’) Empowers Women
  • Jane Mintz, founder of Maya Traditions

Fall 2009

  • Spinning, Weaving Projects Helps Save Birds in Kenya
  • Save the Date: WARP 2010 April 30-May 2 in AZ
  • WARP Expands Online Networking
  • Member Profile: Cindy Lair
  • Textile Techniques: Indus Valley: Ajrakh
  • Turn Over a New Leaf for Fair Trade
  • How the Recession Affects Artisans
  • Chautari: Bhutanese Women’s Fiber Arts Cooperative in Vermont
  • Hand/Eye Magazine
  • Gathering of Weavers of the Americas
  • Ella Baker, a Woman of Vision and Conscience
  • Project in Philippines Assists T’boli Weavers
  • Help Wanted: How to Develop Sustainable Support for Artisans
  • Chin Weavers Maintaining Textile Traditions in Indianapolis

Summer 2009

  • Provides Resources for Artisans
  • Introducing Judy Allen: WARP’s Administrative Coordinator
  • 2009 Alice Brown Memorial Scholars
  • Member Profile: Kathryn Keegan
  • Textile Techniques: Cook Islands – Tivaivai
  • Special Section: 2008 Annual Report/2009 Annual Meeting
  • Fair Trade Day and FTF Conference
  • Manuela & Esperanza: The Art of Maya Weaving documentary
  • A Good Day to Dye!
  • Multi-talented Kente Cloth Weaver Adapts to Market Demands
  • The Wrap on Ikat, part I

Spring 2009

  • Weaving in Kenya with Floor Looms
  • Marketplace@Annual Meeting: Opportunity to Sell, Recycle
  • Member Profile: Mary Joan Ferrara-Marsland
  • Textile Techniques: Worldwide Backstrap Weaving
  • Advocacy Project Supports Social Justice
  • Sinamay Loom of the Philippines
  • Fair Trade: Efforts Continue to Eliminate Child Labor
  • Río Negro Memorial Textile
  • Textile Study Tours with TSA
  • Peru Field School
  • Navajo Exhibit Planned for CU
  • Seeking Funds to Reprint Artes y Artesanías Mayas
  • Maria Cuc Jiatz Receives Folk Art Apprenticeship Grant

Winter 2008

  • Indigenous Silk Weaving in Madagascar
  • 2009 Annual Meeting Update
  • Textile Techniques: Silk Brocade from Laos
  • RugMark Traveling Photo Exhibit: Faces of Freedom
  • The KamiAmi Women of Pokuase, Ghana
  • Fair Trade: Visit Highlights Fair Trade Difference
  • Field Notes from Peru
  • Guatemala Scholars’ Network Conference at Vanderbilt University
  • Recollections from the Textile Society of America Symposium
  • Traditions Mexico adds Slideshows, Articles to website

Fall 2008

  • Maine Community Supports Nicaraguan Health Clinic
  • WARP at Convergence
  • Endangered Threads Videos Shown in California Museums
  • Member Profile: Alessandra L’Abate Cope
  • Textile Techniques – Polynesia: Featherwork
  • Natural Dyeing in Teotitlan del Valle, Mexico
  • RugMark Annual Report available online
  • Superb Slow Textiles: Taykeo Gallery
  • Fair Trade Institute and Fair Trade Resource Network Collaborate
  • Annual Fair Trade Federation Conference in Austin
  • In Memory of Alice Brown
  • Ancient Peruvian Textiles Workshop
  • Museo Textil Oaxaca

Summer 2008

  • Mayan Hands: Working in Guatemala and in the US
  • Scholarship Recipient Bo Choi
  • Solar Trade on Taquile
  • Member Profile: Louise Todd Cope
  • Textile Techniques – Russia: Valenki
  • Microcredit Summit to be in Bali
  • Understanding the Actors in Fair Trade
  • Aid to Artisan’s Market Readiness Program
  • Special Section: 2007 Annual Report/2008 Annual Meeting

Spring 2008

  • Lubugo: Appreciating the Value of Ugandan Bark Cloth
  • Member Profile: San Juan Weavers Guild: Celebrating Weaving and Spinning
  • Textile Techniques – India: Bandhani
  • Baale, Uganda: the Challenge to do More
  • Teaching Sectional Warping in Guatemala
  • WomenWeave Projects in Bombay
  • Snapshots Along the Mekong: Handwoven Cloth in Thailand and Laos
  • Solar Cooking + Palm Straw Weaving
  • Motifs in Migration
  • Visit to Morocco Offers Rich Experiences

Winter 2007

  • Annual Meeting WARP’s Most Significant Activity
  • Member Profile: Adrienne Sloane: Artist, Traveler, Teacher, Activist
  • Textiles and Technology Partner to Provide Light
  • Textile Techniques: Ghana: Ewe Kente Cloth
  • Weave, Weave, Weave Us Together: An interfaith children’s project in NC
  • Textile Society of America Provides Forum for Information Exchange
  • Endangered Threads Documentary – 100 Years of Maya Weaving
  • RugMark Raffle

Fall 2007

  • WARP Updates Mission, Core Values
  • Member Profile: Robyn Josephs: A Weaver of Fibers, Souls, Words
  • Textile Techniques: Peru-Shipibo Textile Painting
  • Weaving and Dyeing in Daboya, Ghana
  • Museum Textile Exhibits Explore Themes of War, Politics, and Patriotism
  • Traveling in Bhutan
  • International Ethical Fashion Show added to DC Fashion Week Line Up
  • 2008 Pre-Columbian Textile Workshop in Peru

Summer 2007

  • Rwandan Knits Provides Income for Refugee Women
  • Member Profile: Pegi Bevins:Self-Portrait of a Passionate Weaver
  • Textile Techniques: Sashiko-Japanese Quilting
  • Scaling Up: An Update on the Ergonomic Bench
  • Mapula: An Embroidery Project in South Africa
  • The Basket Women of Bolgatanga
  • 2007 Annual Meeting: Fiber Friendships Cross Cultural Boundaries
  • 2006 Annual Report

Spring 2007

  • Hebron Embroidery Project Assists Palestinian Artisans
  • Member Profile: Chris Leith: Teacher, Artist, Networker
  • Textile Techniques: Nalbinding
  • The Ixchel Museum of Indigenous Dress of Guatemala
  • Ribob Village Silk Weaving Project
  • From the TSA ListServ: Documenting Mexican Textiles
  • A Historic First: The Black Mesa Blanket
  • Weaving Cultures of Bali and Flores: A Textile Tour
  • STITCH Delegation Participants to Learn Effects of Free Trade

Winter 2006

  • Maya Weavers and their Textiles
  • Weaver’s Wheel – Ethical Textiles Promotes Khadi Cloth and Way of Life
  • Member Profile: Vee Pee Purushothaman
  • Peruvian Discontinuous Warp Scaffolding
  • Produce Globally Buy Locally
  • 2007 Annual Meeting Details
  • Provides Opportunities
  • Fair Trade Federation Growing Fast

Fall 2006

  • Selling Yarns: Exploring Australian Indigenous Textile and BusinessThoughts from the 2006 Annual Meeting
  • Member Profile: Marilyn Anderson
  • Textile Techniques from Around the World: Bhutanese Backstrap WeavingTejido Indigena, El Chile, Nicaragua
  • Travels in Namibia
  • WEAVE: Working to Support Karen Refugees in Thailand
  • Textile Travels – Mali, Morocco, Bali

Summer 2006

  • WARP Connects Textile Designer in Oklahoma with Thai Weavers
  • 2006 Annual Meeting a Rich Mix
  • Member Profile: Sara Goodman
  • Kazakhstan-Syrmak Carpets
  • deYoung Museum
  • Handwoven Baby Blankets Make a Difference
  • Sister Member: Habitat Integrated Pakistan

Spring 2006

  • Annual Meeting Promises Learning, Networking
  • Member Profile: Kathleen Mossman Vitale
  • Textile Techniques from Around the World: Zimbabwe-Sadza Barik
  • Bullthistle Rag Enterprise
  • Pull-out Update to 2005 WARP Membership Directory
  • Morocco in the Spring

Winter 2005

  • 2005 Indonesian Indigenous Weavers’ Festival
  • Member Profile: Brecia Karlovic-Logan
  • Textile Techniques from Around the World: Molas
  • Backstrap Weavers in Guatemala Try Out an Ergonomic Seat
  • Tejedoras del telar de cintura prueban una silla ergonomica en Guatemala
  • “Party for a Cause” Benefits Disabled Weavers in Cambodia
  • Ivory Coast Strip Cloth Weavers Give Ikat Workshop in Switzerland
  • Letter from Sara Goodman: A Long Awaited Trip to Bali

Fall 2005

  • Fairloom Partners with Bobbin-Lace Makers
  • Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco Opens New Gallery
  • Weaving Cultural Connections
  • Textile Techniques from Around the World: Bedouin Weaving
  • Artisans in Peru and Bolivia Invest in Solar Technology
  • Artesanos en Perú y Bolivia Invierten en Tecnología

Summer 2005

  • Straw Weavers in Oaxaca Learn Solar Cooking
  • Symbolism of Adinkra Cloth Evolves and Fascinates
  • Master Lao Weaver to Visit
  • Textile Techniques from Around the World: Finland-Rya Rugs

Spring 2005

  • Traditional Use of Natural Indigo in West Africa
  • Reviving Indigo Use in El Salvador
  • Textile Techniques from Around the World: Inuit Skin Embroidery

Winter 2004

  • Letters: the Gullah People
  • “Daughters of the Dust” Gives Taste of Gullah Culture
  • Textile Techniques from Around the World: Japanese Fish Printing
  • Traveling to Peru the Fair Trade Way
  • Haoua Cheick Traoré: Businesswoman and Consultant

Fall 2004

  • Silk Moon Textile Arts Gallery Celebrates Art, Education, Culture
  • Working with Artisan Groups in Other Countries Takes Time
  • Textile Techniques Around the World: Swedish Two-End Knitting
  • Teaching and Learning from Weavers and Dyers in Ghana
  • Miriam Leth-Espensen: Weaving and Working for Peace
  • The Changing Textile Traditions of Nigeria
  • Flora MacDonald: Working to Changes Lives in Afghanistan
  • One Bridge, Many Journeys: Chuvashia, Russia!

Summer 2004

  • Louise Meyer:Creating Opportunities,Connecting African Artisans
  • US Department of Commerce Import/Export Resources
  • Textile Techniques Around the World:Huipiles of Guatemala
  • Sister-Member Albertina Lopez de Martin
  • Flora MacDonald:Working to Changes Lives in Afghanistan
  • Afghan Knitting Patterns Now Available
  • In Memory of Amidou Coulibaly (1946-2004)

Spring 2004

  • Tres Manos:Providing Skills for Life
  • Gallery to Feature East Asian Textiles
  • STITCH Women ’s Language School Delegation
  • Textile Techniques Around the World:Double-Ikat Weaving in India
  • Fair Trade in the Media

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