Continuing Textile Traditions: ONG DIMA

May 20, 2023

Dispositif d’Initiatives pour les Métiers de l’Artisanat (DIMA) is a nonprofit vocational training school located in Niamey, Niger.  It offers programs in weaving, tailoring, and leather working, and there is no charge for the training. Starting with 15 students in 2017, DIMA now has 100 students enrolled, including 30 young women in a tailoring course at a national obstetrical fistula clinic.

The school began its weaving program in 2021 with traditional Nigerien looms.  Dr. Genevieve Hill-Thomas trained 6 weavers at DIMA in December 2022 in how to use European-style floor looms.   There are now 3 weavers and 10 students working on adapting traditional Nigerien weaving to floor looms.

This conversation about DIMA was presented by Soumana Saley, the President and Founder of DIMA, Judith Sen, DIMA textile design volunteer, and Dr. Genevieve Hill-Thomas, educator and DIMA volunteer.

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