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Meet a Member: Fireside Chat with Prerana Anjali Choudhury

House of Noorie was started by WARP Member Prerana Anjali Choudhury who belongs to Assam in northeastern India. Prerana grew up loving handmade textiles as she would watch her paternal grandmother weave traditional mekhela sadors (a traditional two-piece drape worn by women in Assam) on the household loom.

WARP’s 2024 Annual Meeting

WARP’s Annual Meeting is where members gather for learning, camaraderie, and networking. The 2024 meeting was held in Golden, Colorado. We had an exciting lineup of speakers from the region’s textile community. The video recordings are all available for those who were unable to attend in person.

Continuing Textile Traditions in Chiapas: Weaving for Justice

Weaving for Justice is an all-volunteer organization with its roots in the anthropological fieldwork in the 1980s in Chiapas, Mexico of co-founder, Christine Eber. The speakers will share their perspectives on what it means to stand in solidarity with Maya students and weavers in defense of their right to live with dignity in their home communities and countries.

Meet a Member: Fireside Chat with Eric Chávez Santiago

Eric Chávez Santiago was born in Teotitlan del Valle, he is part of the fourth generation of weavers in his family and has been involved in the textile world since 2002. His professional work experience is in the fields of natural dyes, education programs for artisans and coordination of exhibitions in museums and galleries. INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL

Meet a Member: Fireside Chat with Kat Novak

Kat Novak is a textile artist whose emphasis is on embroidery, handspinning, screen printing, and digital textile printing. Kat is the Associate Director of the TechStyleLAB and Faculty in the School of Fashion at Kent State University.

Meet a Member: Fireside Chat with Yolanda Alcorta

As the President and founder of Alcorta Connections, Yolanda is a bilingual consultant to museums and the non-profit community. Her work includes the development and production of  educational activities and entertaining presentations about Latino/e/x culture that include art projects, folkloric dance and music shows and interactive exhibits. INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL

Continuing Textile Traditions: Praxis Fiber Workshop

Praxis Fiber Workshop builds the international community of fiber artists and makers through classes, workshops, residencies, and community projects that teach the art form and demonstrate how fiber arts can be used to build healthy, resilient and inclusive communities.

Meet a Member: Fireside Chat with Ann Hedlund

After a 30-year career in academia and museums, Ann Lane Hedlund, PhD, continues to enjoy research and writing projects, ranging from 19th-century Navajo textiles, to the mid-20th-century career of artist Mac Schweitzer, and to reflections on ongoing ethnographic fieldwork among indigenous weavers in the American Southwest and Mexico.

Meet a Member: Fireside Chat with Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston is an artist, an avid supporter of WARP, a lover of textiles, and the fiancé of WARP’s Executive Director, Kelsey Wiskirchen. He was also our entertaining auctioneer at this year’s Annual Meeting in Ohio, helping us raise over $5000 for scholarships and our operation fund. 

Continuing Textile Traditions: The Women’s Woven Voices Project 

The Women’s Woven Voices project is an international, collaborative art project that supports women in claiming their empowered voices through writing, weaving, and sharing their stories.   The collaborative tapestry currently has over 1,000 woven story cloths from participants from 10 different countries representing university students, Veteran women, refugee moms, art groups, schools, girl scouts, community members, church members, grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, friends, neighbors, and men who are allies.

Meet a Member: Fireside Chat with Elisa Lutteral

Elisa Lutteral is an Argentinean artist based in Brooklyn, working in sculptural and performative pieces revolving around the exploration of social constructions around capitalism and patriarchy and challenges these narratives of control.INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL

Continuing Textile Traditions: Past, Present & Future of Penland Textiles

During this program, Edwina Bringle, April Carter Price, and Danielle Lasker presented the past, present, and future of Textiles at Penland School of Craft. Edwina spoke from lived and oral histories of her 50 year relationship with Penland as student, instructor, studio coordinator, and more. April shared her experiences as a lifelong student of Penland, and Danielle shared the current happenings within the studio, and what the future looks like at Penland.

Meet a Member: Fireside Chat with Molly Martin

Molly Martin is a woman of many talents: seamstress, nurse, elementary school teacher in Monrovia, Liberia, and eventually African art and textile aficionado. She has worked at the Smithsonian, studied at Harvard, and taught at UMass/Lowell.

Continuing Textile Traditions: Barkcloth of Uganda

For more than 700 years, the legacy cloth, lubugo (barkcloth), made from the mutuba tree (ficus natalensis) has been used to clothe Ugandans, bury the dead and mark sacred ceremonies in Uganda. In 2005, it was designated as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO to be preserved and protected. Today, it is inspiring contemporary artists, designers, scientists, scholars and researchers locally, regionally, continentally and globally.

Meet a Member: Fireside Chat with Kalindi Attar

During her 16 years living in Oaxaca, Kalindi Attar undertook as co-founder and coordinator of several projects in a Zapotec village in the Sierra Sur. These projects are focused on creating sustainability, community, and innovation at various levels.

Continuing Textile Traditions: ONG DIMA

Dispositif d’Initiatives pour les Métiers de l’Artisanat (DIMA) is a nonprofit vocational training school located in Niamey, Niger, offering programs in weaving, tailoring, and leather working. This conversation about DIMA was presented by Soumana Saley, the President and Founder of DIMA, Judith Sen, DIMA textile design volunteer, and Dr. Genevieve Hill-Thomas, educator and DIMA volunteer.

Continuing Textile Traditions: Espace Fann

Tucked in a small studio near the sea in Beirut, Espace Fann is a creative school offering university-level art and design courses. Amidst the covid pandemic, a severe economic meltdown, an energy crisis, and the Beirut explosion in 2020, Espace Fann has continued to provide healing, education, and sanctuary to the community, through the arts.

Meet a Member: Fireside Chat with Dorinda Dutcher & PAZA Bolivia

In 2007, the weavers of the Andean rural community of Huancarani asked Dorinda Dutcher, then a Peace Corps volunteer, for assistance in rescuing natural dye techniques and preserving their textile heritage. So began PAZA, a joint effort of the Bolivian weavers, foreign weavers, WARP members, and many others interested in the preservation of textile traditions.

Meet a Member: Fireside Chat with Rikki Quintana

Rikki Quintana, founder of HoonArts Fair Trade, is passionate about using her long-term partnerships with internationally acclaimed master artists to help art and travel lovers who are drawn to remote, unknown worlds experience the authentic and colorful world of the Silk Road.

Meet a Member: Fireside Chat with Mari Gray

Since 2013, Mari has been the primary designer for her small business Kakaw Designs, which began as a direct online sale website. With now so many branches of the “cacao tree,” she multi-tasks from facilitating and guiding textile travel itineraries in Guatemala to organizing custom production for other businesses.

Los Desconocidos: The Migrant Quilt Project

For centuries, quilting has been used as a way to bring attention to social issues of great significance, such as women’s suffrage. “Los Desconocidos: The Migrant Quilt Project” exhibition, currently on display at the Arizona History Museum, features a collection of handmade quilts that memorialize migrants who have died seeking refuge in the United States. Each quilt carries the names of those who have been identified or simply states “desconocido” or “unknown” for those who have not.

Continuing Textile Traditions: Indigo Around the World

Indigo has been used  to dye textiles for thousands of years, spanning cultures and continents. The blue produced by indigo is recognized and beloved worldwide, while the plant processing methods and textile designs produced in various cultures are quite diverse. This panel discussion features contemporary textile artists who work within various indigo traditions.

Meet a Member: Fireside Chat with Cael Chappell

WARP Board Member Cael Chappell’s basket making grows from his love of basketry. Seventeen years before weaving his first basket, Cael founded Baskets of Africa, a fair trade verified company committed to economic empowerment for basket weavers from over 20 countries.

Continuing Textile Traditions: Around the World in 80 Fabrics

Around the World in 80 Fabrics poses the question, ”Can our clothing choices help repair and restore instead of destroy our dwindling natural and cultural resources?” To answer that question, the ATW80F team invites us to join in exploring common and uncommon fiber possibilities and the makers behind them.

Meet a Member: Fireside Chat with Elena Laswick

WARP Board Member Elena Laswick grew up in Tucson, Arizona on a steady diet of mariachi, beans, folklórico, and Navajo rugs, which developed her sense of belonging somewhere between Latin America and the US and is why she is passionate about textiles, indigenous rights, and cultural preservation.

Continuing Textile Traditions: Sustainable Fiber Systems

Over a decade ago, weaver and natural dyer Rebecca Burgess founded Fibershed, a system of regional and regenerative fiber systems that build soil & protect the health of our biosphere. Fibershed has grown into an international movement, and influences every aspect of sustainable textile production, from growing fiber, natural dyeing, local processing and production, and more.

Meet a Member: Fireside Chat with Maren Beck

WARP Board Member Maren Beck co-founded Above the Fray: Traditional Hill Tribe Art in 2007 in order to document, support, and introduce to the world the incredible traditional textiles arts and cultures of Southeast Asia.

Continuing Textile Traditions: International Folk Art Market

The 18th International Folk Art Market (IFAM) was held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the weekend of July 8 – 10, with 164 artisans from 48 countries and thousands of visitors and buyers from far and wide. Many members of WARP participate in IFAM as volunteers at all levels, and our July panel presented information that would-be IFAM participants would benefit from knowing. 

Meet a Member: Fireside Chat with Julio Cardona

Julio Cardona was born and raised in eastern Guatemala. After working in government and the corporate world, he joined the staff of Mayan Hands/Association of Weavers United and had his first experience working with a non-profit organization.

Continuing Textile Traditions: The Voice of the Heirs of Tradition

There is no end of conversation about passing on traditions from grandmother to mother to daughter for millennia, but nearly always the speakers are outsiders or the adults who are doing the passing on.  We were thrilled to give the podium to two young women, teenagers involved in the program, to talk about what it means to them to be inheriting these traditions. 

Meet a Member: Fireside Chat with Vanina Bujalter

Vanina Bujalter has taught and exhibited throughout Argentina and internationally. Her work has won many awards, including the UNESCO Seal of Excellence for Handicrafts, and can be seen in museums and private collections around the world.

Continuing Textile Traditions: Ukraine

Continuing Textile Traditions: Ukraine was a special program to raise relief funds for Ukraine. WARP hosted Ukrainian textile artists Halyna Shepko (New York), Daryna Alieksieienko (Kyiv), and Yaroslava Tkachuk (Lviv) for a discussion about their work within the Ukrainian weaving traditions. 

Continuing Textile Traditions: Guatemala & Mexico

The presenters on this panel discussion work with women-led groups, indigenous and Ladina, rural and city, small and large. Their work includes weaving, embroidering, and sewing, among other artistic endeavors, and their programs have social elements geared toward achieving a sustainable livelihood for the women and their families. 

Meet a Member: Fireside Chat with Rocío Mena Gutierrez

Rocío Mena Gutierrez is a WARP member from Mexico City. Through her brand ZIKURI, Rocío unites her two passions: natural dyeing education and designing bags. Her purpose is to inspire by achieving beautiful colors and by making us aware of the processes involved so that we can feel the connection with the materials and the essence of things.

A Sheep’s Tale: Preserving the Churro

A Sheep’s Tale: Preserving the Churro featured speakers who have devoted their work to conservation of the Navajo-Churro sheep. You are invited to watch the program recording to learn about the importance of this heritage sheep breed to communities in the American Southwest.

Meet a Member: Fireside Chat with Judy Newland

Judy Newland is a retired faculty in museum anthropology at Arizona State University and served as the Director for the ASU Museum of Anthropology. She has worked in the museum field for over 20 years at a variety of university museums, creating more than 100 exhibitions with the help of her students.

Meet a Member: Fireside Chat with Deborah Chandler

Deborah Chandler is one of the founding members of WARP and its current board president. Her trail has included Colorado, Peace Corps in Honduras, Houston, back to Colorado, and finally she landed in Guatemala, where for nine years she was the in-country director of Mayan Hands.

Textile Tales: The Value of Stories

This panel featured three WARP members bringing us tales of their work and writing coming from both the east and west hemispheres. The three are authors of books about textile processes, culture, and communities in comfortable North American homes, towns and villages across Nigeria and Guatemala, and refugee camps in Mexico. Their writing includes stories from centuries ago and on up to the present. 

Continuing Textile Traditions: India

This panel features the founders of three organizations who promote textile artisans in India. Each of these organizations works to preserve traditional textile techniques of India while creating contemporary apparel designs. 

WARP 2021 Online Annual Meeting: Unraveling Borders, Weaving Networks

WARP’s Annual Meeting brings our community together for education, fellowship, and networking. We held WARP’s 2021 annual meeting online via Zoom, enabling us to welcome attendees from all over the world. The presenters explored various topics relating to the significance of textiles in strengthening communities through the theme of Unraveling Borders, Weaving Networks.

View our full program of speakers, and watch recordings of the presentations and panel discussions.

Continuing Textile Traditions: Living Textiles

This panel discussion, Continuing Textile Traditions: Living Textiles, featured three WARP members who create textiles with a focus on community engagement. These artists all make a living through their textile work, and also live a textile-focused life, using textiles as a vehicle for inclusivity, education, and a sustainable future.

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