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Women’s Woven Voices

How can a woven piece of cloth be a powerful catalyst for connection, compassion, and change? INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL

History of Guilds

Have you thought about the history of Guilds? Maybe for you it is a common word and activity. You probably hear about this type of organizations all the time. But for me as a Mexican, it was a completely new concept! INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL

WARP’s 2023 Online International Textile Auction

WARP’s highly anticipated online auction was open for bidding October 16-22. Thank you to all of our donors, and to everyone who participated as a bidder! With your support, we raised $11,000 to support WARP’s mission of serving as a catalyst for improving the quality of life of textile artisans worldwide.

Imagining Text as Textile

During the process of writing Benefit Street, a novel whose narrator Şiva is a political refugee telling the story of her traumatic displacement, textiles, in particular the flat-weave kilim, became one of the essential ways in which her story was woven together.INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL

Annual meeting in Ohio

I think what makes WARP special are the people involved. I’ve always thought that textile people are great people and I think WARP gathers all these amazing people.INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL

WARP’s New Website!

We are thrilled to roll out our new website! – home of all things WARP – has undergone a major overhaul. The new website has many valuable resources, and we are outlining some of the exciting highlights here.

2023 Annual Meeting

Threads of Connection: Exploring the Local to Global Textile Community


WARP’s Annual Meeting brings members together for education, fellowship, and networking.