The WARP Blog

The birth of the WARP Newsletter 30 years ago

From the very first WARP “meeting” in 1992, we knew that the most important mission of this new organization was communication and networking. Our goal was to connect people who wanted to support textile artists with textile artists that needed support. In 1992, the internet had not yet been invented. INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL

Women’s Woven Voices

How can a woven piece of cloth be a powerful catalyst for connection, compassion, and change? INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL

Save the Date: WARP’s 2024 Annual Meeting

May 16-18, 2024 Mark your calendars! We already have dates set for WARP’s 2024 Annual Meeting. We will be meeting May 16-18, 2024 at the American Mountaineering Center in Golden, Colorado.

History of Guilds

Have you thought about the history of Guilds? Maybe for you it is a common word and activity. You probably hear about this type of organizations all the time. But for me as a Mexican, it was a completely new concept! INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL

WARP’s 2023 Online International Textile Auction

WARP’s highly anticipated online auction was open for bidding October 16-22. Thank you to all of our donors, and to everyone who participated as a bidder! With your support, we raised $11,000 to support WARP’s mission of serving as a catalyst for improving the quality of life of textile artisans worldwide.

Imagining Text as Textile

During the process of writing Benefit Street, a novel whose narrator Şiva is a political refugee telling the story of her traumatic displacement, textiles, in particular the flat-weave kilim, became one of the essential ways in which her story was woven together.INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL

Annual meeting in Ohio

I think what makes WARP special are the people involved. I’ve always thought that textile people are great people and I think WARP gathers all these amazing people.INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL