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Imagining Text as Textile

During the process of writing Benefit Street, a novel whose narrator Şiva is a political refugee telling the story of her traumatic displacement, textiles, in particular the flat-weave kilim, became one of the essential ways in which her story was woven together.INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL

Annual meeting in Ohio

I think what makes WARP special are the people involved. I’ve always thought that textile people are great people and I think WARP gathers all these amazing people.INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL

WARP’s New Website!

We are thrilled to roll out our new website! – home of all things WARP – has undergone a major overhaul. The new website has many valuable resources, and we are outlining some of the exciting highlights here.

2023 Annual Meeting

Threads of Connection: Exploring the Local to Global Textile Community


WARP’s Annual Meeting brings members together for education, fellowship, and networking.

WARP Members’ Textile Exhibition

With over 500 WARP members living and working in textile communities around the world, this exhibition showcases a diversity of artistic creations and traditions from Argentina, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Laos, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, Uganda, the United States, and more.

Live Once Again

The Annual Meeting is the reason WARP formed in the first place. We KNEW we wanted to get together, to make sense of what we were all doing, inspired and helped by the experience and wisdom of others. INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL

What is Ugandan Barkcloth?

Ugandan Barkcloth Continued

We asked Lesli Robertson to write a follow-up to last month’s Continuing Textile Traditions Panel Presentation on Ugandan Barkcloth. We had so many wonderful questions and wanted to answer some we couldn’t get to that day. INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL