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Live Once Again

The Annual Meeting is the reason WARP formed in the first place. We KNEW we wanted to get together, to make sense of what we were all doing, inspired and helped by the experience and wisdom of others. INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL

What is Ugandan Barkcloth?

Ugandan Barkcloth Continued

We asked Lesli Robertson to write a follow-up to last month’s Continuing Textile Traditions Panel Presentation on Ugandan Barkcloth. We had so many wonderful questions and wanted to answer some we couldn’t get to that day. INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL

The WARP annual meeting and why to come

Until COVID, WARP held an annual meeting in a different location each year. Having to cancel the meeting planned for Bozeman, Montana in 2020 was a huge disappointment, and we are now so excited to be gathering together again, this time just south of Cleveland, Ohio. We hope you will join us in July, and here are reasons to consider it. INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL

Churro week

Churro Week 2023: March 12th-18th

Churro Week grew out of a collaboration of shepherds, a mill owner, a Navajo-Churro Sheep breeder/restorer of the endangered species, an extension agent, end users, a marketing consultant, and various interested parties. They were concerned with finding a job for the Navajo-Churro sheep. INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL

Fiber Activism

Exhibitions of the Migrant Quilt and COVID Quilt projects at museums of the Arizona Historical Society remind us of other times fiber artists have come together to make their voices heard. INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL

Growing older, growing younger!

We are mostly “chronologically-qualifying-old women”, with a small percentage of men, and a rising tide of new younger members. I smile a little thinking that when WARP started 30 years ago, most of us who were at those first meetings WERE in our 30s and 40s. BUT that was 30 years ago, and now we need to bring in new young members to “move the molecules around the room”. INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL

Helping Lebanese Women Through Arts and Crafts

Espace Fann is a creative school in Beirut, Lebanon offering skill building and design thinking courses at university level. We are not accredited and do not provide degrees, but the instruction we offer is curriculum-based and our teachers are all university professors. This formula keeps our prices low, our classes accessible to all, and our material serious and empowering. INGLÉS/ESPAÑOL