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Textile Traditions of the Peruvian Highlands

Andean Textile Arts Programs

Textile Traditions of the Peruvian Highlands, a video with a plus. Designed as a live Zoom presentation for groups, it includes both a video narrated by Jennifer Moore and the real time presence of one or two ATA members to field a Q&A. During this hosted program, weavers, dyers, knitters, and spinners of the Peruvian highlands who are cooperative members of the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco (CTTC) are featured. The focus is on the preservation and revitalization of their traditional textile arts – including some techniques dating back to the Incas. These include the Andean way of spinning, dyeing, and knitting, as well as the tools to create belts, bands, textiles, woven edges, and skirt borders. Through the video clips and images, the weaving of doubleweave, ikat, tapestry, and discontinuous and supplementary warps are also highlighted.

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