Continuing Textile Traditions: Acadian Brown Cotton, 250 Years of Louisiana History

August 20, 2022

This panel discussion features the very successful Acadian Brown Cotton Project, which strives to document, preserve and promote Louisiana’s unique natural brown heirloom cotton. The project was presented by the Acadian Brown Cotton team, talking about the project from many angles, all contributing to enriched lives and a boost in the local economy. 

Jennie Lallande, Acadiana Grower Alliance, farmer, ginner, and educator, highlighted the agricultural aspects of the project, including the importance of regenerative agriculture in the climate change struggle. 

Randon Dufrene, ABC grower and business manager of Acadian Brown Cotton, presented the need for a local fiber mill and why Belfast Mini mill suits the project. 

Sharon Donnan, WARP member, documentary film maker, retired from a life in costumes and textiles, and founder of the Acadian Brown Cotton Project, introduced these members of the team and others, giving us an overview of how it all began and what they have accomplished so far.

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