Continuing Textile Traditions: Around the World in 80 Fabrics

October 15, 2022

Around the World in 80 Fabrics (ATW80F) is a non-profit that weaves people and fibers together for the planet. Through the documentation of sustainable textile practices, ATW80F raises awareness of the environmental, climate, human rights and overall human health impacts of our petroleum-based fast-fashion wardrobes.

Around the World in 80 Fabrics poses the question, ”Can our clothing choices help repair and restore instead of destroy our dwindling natural and cultural resources?” To answer that question, the ATW80F team invites us to join in exploring common and uncommon fiber possibilities and the makers behind them. They are creating an amazing traveling educational quilt of 80 fabrics showcasing the ecology of textiles from throughout the world. From the wisdom of diverse indigenous cultures to cutting edge innovations in recycling and biofabrication, they celebrate the quest for nature-friendly alternatives to fast fashion pollution.

Watch this conversation with the ATW80F team: Co-Creators Tierney Thys and Carroll Dunham, and Outreach Director Leslie Robertson.

Photo courtesy ATW80F

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