Continuing Textile Traditions: Mexico

March 20, 2021

Living and working in Oaxaca and California, Porfirio Gutierrez revives and preserves the natural dyeing techniques of his Zapotec traditional culture while he reinventes ancient symbols to stylistically incorporate them in large-scale natural fiber creations that appeal to minimalist aesthetics.  

Having grown up and traveled extensively Mexico, Stephanie Schneiderman offered culture, craft, and textile tours throughout Mexico and Colombia until the pandemic hit when she began supporting artisans, by hosting expo-sales events via her Facebook Page: “Mexico & Beyond: Textile & Fiber Traditions Travel Group.”  

Valarie James presents the work of Artisans Beyond Borders, a bi-national initiative in Tucson, AZ and Nogales, Sonora, MX., that addresses trauma, restores grace and agency, and provides income for asylum-seekers and their families stranded at the U.S.-MX port of entry.

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