Continuing Textile Traditions: Sustainable Fiber Systems

September 10, 2022

Over a decade ago, weaver and natural dyer Rebecca Burgess founded Fibershed, a system of regional and regenerative fiber systems that build soil & protect the health of our biosphere. Fibershed has grown into an international movement, and influences every aspect of sustainable textile production, from growing fiber, natural dyeing, local processing and production, and more. Dozens of regional Fibershed groups have sprung up around the US and in several other countries, all sharing this vision of helping independent local producers and artisans connect with manufacturers and consumers who want more sustainable clothing. 

Join WARP for a conversation with leaders in the field of Sustainable Fiber Systems. 

Jess Boeke and Sarah Pottle are co-founders of Rustbelt Fibershed, creating a collaborative network of regenerative fiber farmers, processors, and designers from the Rust Belt Region. 

Erin Miller is a board member for the Mountains & Plains Fibershed in Colorado, and co-founder of Nerdy Sheep Fiber Works, which works in partnership with Colorado-based makers, promoting yarn without added chemicals or unfriendly practices in processing. 

Judi Jetson is a fiberactivist who founded the nonprofit Local Cloth 10 years ago to help grow the fiber economy in the Blue Ridge Mountains Fibershed, headquartered in Asheville, NC.

Photo courtesy Fibershed

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