Espace Fann

Phoenicia Street, Yassine Bldg, 2nd floor, no. 207. Ein Mreisseh, Beirut. Lebanon

Phone: +9613866368 Email:

Social media: @espace_fann / @boutique_espacefann

Contact person: Yasmine Dabbous.

Espace Fann is a creative space based in Beirut, Lebanon, offering university-level courses in art and design at affordable rates. Our aim is to promote art education across communities and to foster sustainability, women empowerment and healing through the arts. We also aspire to revive traditional crafts by teaching them with a contemporary twist. Espace Fann offers a variety of courses including fine arts, digital arts, audiovisual arts, fiber arts, jewelry design and beading, Islamic arts and entrepreneurship for artists. As part of our mission to heal and empower, we have also created Espace Fann Boutique, where we sell the work of our students and instructors, encouraging them to build a career for themselves in the arts.

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