2015 Annual Meeting – Burlingame, California

Thank you to everyone who attended WARP’s 2015 Annual Meeting. The day-long program included the following speakers:

Our theme was Blending Tradition and Textiles.  There were textile scholars, community developers, students and fiber activists, with plenty of opportunities for education and networking.  Our Annual Meetings are golden opportunities for making new friends and for renewing our relationships with other fiber enthusiasts from across the U.S. and around the world.

  • Kathleen Mossman Vitale on Challenges of Documenting the Maya Textile Tradition
  • Maggie Leininger (Industrious Anarchy) and Rebecca Burgess (Fibershed) on Engaging Communities through Sustainable Textiles
  • Amanda Smiles (Ruraq Maki) on Synthesizing Traditional Textiles and Fashion Design in Peru & Bolivia
  • Rocio Mena Gutierrez (read her blog) on the Importance of Textiles to Grassroots Economies in Guatemala
  • Maren Beck and Josh Hirschstein (Above the Fray: Traditional Hilltribe Art) on the Weaving Culture of NE Laos

The 2015 WARP annual conference also featured presentations by student scholarship winners, hands-on workshops, a celebration of new books published by our own members—in 2015 we celebrated with Deborah Chandler—as well as an international marketplace and evening dinner and auction fundraiser.

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