Meet a Member: Fireside Chat with Vanina Bujalter

May 2022

Vanina Bujalter has been a WARP Member since 2013. She was born in Buenos Aires. She has a degree in Psychology, but she found her true calling and has been dedicated to Textile Arts and Crafts for more than 35 years. At age fifteen, she began studying with her mother, Mimi Bujalter, one of the outstanding artists within the Argentine Textile Art Movement, and Founder of the Argentine Centre of Textile Art. With Mimi, Vanina studied classic and modern textile techniques, fiber dyeing, felt techniques, and handmade papermaking.

Vanina has taught and exhibited throughout Argentina and internationally. Her work has won many awards, including the UNESCO Seal of Excellence for Handicrafts, and can be seen in museums and private collections around the world.

You can follow Vanina on Facebook and Instagram, and also find her work online here

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