A Sheep’s Tale: Preserving the Churro

February 18, 2022

A Sheep’s Tale: Preserving the Churro featured speakers who have devoted their work to conservation of the Navajo-Churro sheep. You are invited to watch the program recording to learn about the importance of this heritage sheep breed to communities in the American Southwest. 

Molly Manzanares and her husband Antonio have raised and marketed a wide variety of Churro and Rambouillet sheep products through their companies, Tierra Wools and Shepherd’s Lamb, for many years. They run one of the last remaining herded bands of sheep in the state of New Mexico. 

Dr. Alta Piechowski-Begay is the President of the Hoz’ho’ Center Board of Directors. One of the initiatives of the Hoz’ho’ Center is to be the permanent home for the Navajo-Churro sheep. With their special relationship with the Diné, these sheep will offer vital land restoration and help resurrect their traditional pastoral economy. 

Dr. Lyle “Doc” McNeal is an emeritus professor of Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary Sciences at Utah State University and is the founder of the Navajo Sheep Project. He recently wrote a textbook titled “Small Ruminant Production Management and Medicine” for Animal Health Publications. 

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