Bukedo and Raffia Bowl Basket – Uganda


Donated by Baskets of Africa

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Brightly colored with an inventive, progressive pattern, this handmade basket donated by Baskets of Africa is great for wall displays. Weavers construct these baskets by wrapping colorfully dyed palm raffia around a coil of bukedo, the local term in Uganda for banana leaf stalks. The basket is approximately 12” wide and 3″ deep.

About Baskets of Africa:

Baskets of Africa, pays the highest prices possible to the weavers in Africa while also providing value to customers in the US for highest quality handmade objects. WARP board member Cael Chappell, founder of Baskets of Africa, works to provide economic opportunity to weavers in Africa, empowering women and preserving culture within partner communities.

We are proud to support African basket weavers by offering unique handmade baskets from throughout the African continent. These one-of-a-kind pieces of functional artwork are woven by African craftspeople who share our commitment to quality.

By weaving baskets in the traditional manner, the basket weavers of Africa — most of them women — are preserving their cultural heritage while they support themselves and their families.

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