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Teaching Through Stories: Jane and Jeremy Learn to Knit

 Author: Elizabeth Seward  Category: Book and eBook  Publisher: Friesen Press  Published: 2000

Share your knitting skills with the next generation of fiber enthusiasts! This book is for anyone who wants to teach knitting successfully: teach a neighbor’s child, your children, your grandchildren, a small group of homeschoolers, a large class of children, or anyone else! It’s effective and fun to teach using stories and this book tells you how. Suggestions and ideas about the order of skills to teach; fiber and color selection for beginning knitters and well-proven tips for a successful teaching experience are there. Verses and mnemonics to help remember the skills and techniques are included; some of the best beginner knitting patterns developed by the author complete the book. Drawn from 35+ years of teaching knitting and other fiber arts in Waldorf schools, Elizabeth offers an efficient, fun, and effective way to teach knitting to children (and adults).

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