1611 W. Koch #28
Bozeman, MT 59715

(913) 991-2055

Contact person: Dorinda Dutcher

The weavings are sold in the U.S. direct from the weavers. Production is low because of the labor-intensive process from raw fiber to finished weaving. They’re popular with foreign weavers who buy lengths of cloth to use in their own design efforts. Special orders are possible. The finished products for sale are shoulder bags, zippered pouches, and yoga mat straps. Much of the wool fiber is handspun during the annual Spinning Week competition in October. The weavers experiment with local dye plants and cochineal, so the weavings feature a wide palette of hues. The weavings are woven on leaning frame looms and feature traditional Andean motifs. Intrepid travelers may inquire about traveling with Dorinda to experience natural dye workshops in March/April and Spinning Week in October. Weaving classes are available.

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