Oaxaca Cultural Navigator LLC

P.O. Box 1467, El Prado, New Mexico 87529

Phone: 919-274-6194 and 5219512091731 Email:
Website: www.oaxacaculture.com

Instagram: FB: oaxacaculture IG: oaxacaculturalmexico

Contact person: Norma Schafer and Eric Chavez Santiago

Our tours are designed to give you a rich cultural experience. Choose from one day to more intensive week-long adventures. We introduce you to backstrap and pedal loom weavers who work only in natural dyes. You see the process from start to finish, meet artisans where they live and work, interact in a socially responsible way that supports the circular economy, giving artisans the wherewithal to support their families and communities. Try your hand at weaving and dyeing. Visit markets, archeological and historic sites. Go off the beaten path with experts who have intimate knowledge in a safe and secure environment. You’ll get to places you may never venture to on your own. Meet like-minded travelers who can become lifelong friends. More than 65% of our travelers return — a testimony to our quality service

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