Meet a Member: Fireside Chat with Jennifer Moore

April 2023

Jennifer Moore holds an MFA in Fibers and specializes in exploring mathematical  patterns in doubleweave wall hangings. She has exhibited throughout the world,  receiving numerous awards for her work, and has been featured in many weaving  publications. Jennifer lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico and travels extensively to teach  workshops in doubleweave, color and geometric design.

Jennifer is on the board of  directors of the nonprofit organization Andean Textile Arts. She was invited to teach  doubleweave to indigenous Quechua weavers in Peru in 2013, where they are once again  excelling in this technique that had been discontinued after the Spanish conquest. She is  the author of The Weaver’s Studio: DoubleweaveDoubleweave: Revised & Expanded,  several doubleweave videos and online courses, and numerous articles.

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