Handwoven Ribbon Necklace


Artist: Vanina Bujalter
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Presented by Original Women LLC

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With the look of fluid precious metals this luxurious, soft, easy to wear necklace was woven by textile artist Vanina Bujalter. Using a proprietary technique, Vanina weaves the ribbon strands in a flat weave, so that the necklace curves and lies flat when wearing. Woven of viscose ribbon, it will maintain its elegance and shape for years to come. This necklace style is in private collections around the world including that of Japanese royalty. It is a wonderful example of the driving principles of Vanina’s artistic practice: the study and research of weaving techniques, fibers, and color to create something unique.

Dimensions: 28” circumference, approx. 13” drop

Learn more about Original Women, which represents Vanina’s work, at: www.original-women.com.