Moroccan Teereera Rug


Artist: Aicha Seqqat
N’kob, Morocco
Presented by Cooperative Timnay des Tapis

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Aicha Seqqat is an expert weaver in her community, where she is also the first head of their weaving cooperative. This traditional rug from the southern village of N’kob has a warp of cotton or rayon, and weft that is handspun hand-dyed local wool, the blue obtained with indigo. The larger designs, called Teereera, are revived from the past and identical on both sides. The smaller border diamonds look embroidered, but are in fact woven in. 

Dimensions: 24” X 48”

While this rug was borrowed from a private collection, the women could weave you another. For inquiries, contact Susan Schaefer Davis at

Learn more about this artist in the book Women Artisans of Morocco written by Susan Schaefer Davis. Image of the artist courtesy of Joe Coca.