My Origins as an Indigenous Woman


Artist: Marta Lidia Churunel
Chuacruz, Sololá, Guatemala
Presented by Multicolores

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My rug is inspired by my huipil, the “blouse” that represents our daily life, the celebrations and festivals that symbolize the beauty of Guatemala. This piece is also inspired by the stars in the universe, represented here in geometric figures. We refer to the stars as ‘guides of the sky’ because they orient us and help us to navigate. I feel very grateful and happy to be able to share my art with other people in other countries, where I can make my culture, my designs, my colors known as an indigenous Maya woman, and I am proud of myself. This hooked rug is crafted from 45 – 50 recycled cotton t-shirts, sourced at pacas, the local second-hand clothing stores.

Dimensions: 49” X 24.5”
Image of the artist courtesy of Susu Hauser

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