Traditional Pibiones Rug


Artists: Susanna Frongia, Isa Frongia, Anna Maria Pirastu
Sardinia, Italy
Presented by Sardinian Arts

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Pibiones are small bumps on the surface of the centuries-old style of rugs woven in Samugheo, in the center of the island of Sardinia, Italy. They have long been one of the landmarks of the area, so it is not surprising that in the 1960s industrial looms came to the area to replace the art of the handweavers.

One family held out, and Susanna Frongia opened a studio to continue the handweaving tradition. Now, 60 years later, Susanna and her family are still weaving on the last looms in Samugheo that are fully hand- and foot-operated. Weaving with cotton warps and wool, cotton, and linen wefts, perhaps the most important aspect of the tradition is Anima, that every handwoven piece carries the spirit of the weaver, and also the spirit of the island.

The weavers of this textile are Susanna Frongia (age 91), Isa Frongia (Susana’s daughter, age 66), and Anna Maria Pirastu (Susanna’s niece, age 55).

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