WARP Leadership

WARP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1992. Our Board members are elected at each year’s Annual Meeting and serve 3-year terms.

Susan Weltman, President

Susan is a weaver, and enthusiastic natural dyer. She had a long career in community mental health as a social worker and family therapist and has taught and written about family therapy. An avid hiker, she loves to travel and visit fellow weavers and artisans. Connection – between family, friends, community and fellow travelers – has always been a large part of her life, so WARP’s mission of Creating a Connected Textile Community felt like a perfect fit. And Susan loves entertaining WARP members visiting NYC.


Mariana Mace, Vice President

Mariana has been a loom weaver for almost fifty years and a basket weaver for more than twenty.  Her academic background is in anthropology, textiles, Native American art history and museology.  She was a special Education teacher and testing specialist for fifteen years, then became involved with the Jensen Arctic Museum at Western Oregon University as a volunteer, board member and finally curator/director for fifteen years until she retired.  Mariana joined WARP very early on and remembers being totally awestruck at the breadth of experience and commitment evident from the first conference she attended.  She delights in the influx of new and younger members, especially students. Mariana has loved collecting and then regifting world textiles for a very long time.

Sara Lamb, Secretary

Sara Lamb has spent over 40 years as a spinner, weaver, and dyer, and is the author of 3 books on spinning and weaving published by Interweave Press.  Specializing in beautiful hand-made leather and woven-wool handbags, Sara also lectures and gives workshops in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. She is a longtime member of WARP,  having joined to support and enable traditional textile work all over the world.



Dorinda Dutcher, Treasurer

Dorinda lives in Bozeman, Montana, recently resettled after living 11 years in Independencia, Bolivia working with rural weavers. The work is called PAZA, and began as a Peace Corps development project in 2008. In 2018, the program reached a point of local sustainability except for the marketing of the hand spun, natural dyed weavings which can be better handled from the U.S. Although not a weaver, a passion for indigenous textiles was kindled and grew during repeat trips to Guatemala and Indonesia in the 80’s and 90’s. Dorinda joined WARP in 2010 which initiated friendships and support that allowed PAZA to grow and thrive to this day.


Philis Alvic, Membership & Newsletter Liason

Philis is an artist, weaver, and writer living in Lexington, KY.  Her woven wall textiles have been featured in over 300 exhibitions.  Two of her books have been published – Weavers of the Southern Highlands and Crafts of Armenia – and she has written over 120 magazine articles.  Philis has served as a design and craft-marketing consultant in thirteen countries.



Carrie Miller, Marketing & Development

Carrie Miller is a textile artist whose current work focuses on sewn sculpture/installation as well as weaving. She has been an art instructor to students of all ages. Her work was recently exhibited at the 12thBiennial International Textile Exhibition in Ukraine and featured on the cover of Shuttle, Spindle, Dyepot magazine. Carrie received her MFA in Fibers from Colorado State University, did her internship with WARP helping to develop the Young Members Initiative and blogposts, and currently works  at the Schacht Spindle Company in Boulder, CO.


Maren Beck

Maren, traveling with her husband and two young sons in 2005, fell in love with rural SE Asian textiles and cultures, and transitioned from being a project manager in the health care field to being a businessperson importing personally selected handcrafted traditional textiles from Laos and Vietnam. She and her husband founded Above the Fray: Traditional Hill Tribe Art in 2007 in order to document, support, and introduce to the world the incredible traditional textiles arts and cultures of this region.  She and her husband are authors of Silk Weavers of Hill Tribe Laos, published by Thrums Books.  They live in Eugene, Oregon, and Maren leads village textile workshop tours to Laos and Vietnam.


Marcia Bellas

Marcia and has been a WARP member since 1999, serving as a board member from 2001-2005, and resuming in 2019. She lives in Vermont, and is a sociologist who recently retired from a criminal justice research position. In addition to hobby weaving, quilting and knitting, she enjoys gardening, photography, playing the harp and exploring the beautiful state of Vermont via hiking, biking, sailing and cross-county skiing.









Kelsey Wiskirchen

Kelsey Wiskirchen is WARP’s Administrative Coordinator, responsible for WARP communication, keeping the website updated, and managing registration and logistics for our Annual Meeting.  Kelsey joined WARP in 2010 as a scholarship recipient, and has remained actively involved in WARP ever since. She currently lives in St. Louis, MO, where teaches community textile workshops and works as a studio artist, in addition to the work she does for WARP.


​Linda Temple

​Linda Temple is WARP’s Newsletter Editor, responsible for creating 4 high-quality colorful informative issues every year.  Linda is a retired librarian, has been involved in numerous fair trade endeavors for the past 30 years. She weaves and spins for fun, and has been a member of WARP for 25 years.