Ayni, Inc.

2345 Airline Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27607

(919) 606-9140 Hedy Hollyfield

Website: www.ayni-usa.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AyniInc

Contact person: Hedy Hollyfield

Ayni is a Quechua word for mutual aid.  We are a small, not for profit, organization founded in 2006 by cousins Hedy Hollyfield and Barbara Wolff.  Ayni aims to preserve the cultural patrimony of Peru and promote social welfare in Andean communities through sponsorship of cultural programs, and through sales of Peruvian handicrafts.

Ayacucho has been known for its fine textiles for thousands of years, and the tradition is alive today.  Herders high in the Andes raise alpaca and sheep for meat and fiber.  Women hand spin the fiber into yarn.  Weaving families in the Santa Ana district of Ayacucho collect dye plants, dye the yarn in small lots, then transform it into timeless works of art that draw upon ancient motifs.  These families have a tradition of weaving that has been passed down for generations.

Your purchase of our Peruvian handicrafts and textiles supports the communities that produce, spin, dye and weave the fiber.  We also support other social welfare causes in the area, such as ANFASEP, and students at the University of Huamanga.  Your support helps keep Ayacucho’s fiber traditions alive.

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