Continuing Textile Traditions: Living Textiles

May 15, 2021

This panel discussion, Continuing Textile Traditions: Living Textiles, featured three WARP members who create textiles with a focus on community engagement. These artists all make a living through their textile work, and also live a textile-focused life, using textiles as a vehicle for inclusivity, education, and a sustainable future. 

Lola Faturoti creates colorful sustainable made on demand fashion that celebrates tradition and joy with the mission to reduce the landfill waste and produced in an earth friendly manner. Through her brands Lola Loves Cargo and Lola Faturoti Loves, she celebrates tradition with innovative designs intended to impart joy. In addition to being WARP’s Administrative Coordinator (now Executive Director), 

Kelsey Viola Wiskirchen is a studio artist who has worked with art educators, underserved youth, and the refugee community in St. Louis, Missouri. In this panel discussion, she shares her community education practice with attendees.

Artist and designer Cynthia Alberto founded Brooklyn-based Weaving Hand studio and healing arts center which incorporates unconventional materials and a zero-waste philosophy in teaching and collaborates with international weavers.

Sorry, the video recording of this event is not available.

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