Artist: Narciza Cortez
Huancarani, Bolivia
Presented by PAZA

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Growing up in the rural highlands of Bolivia, Doña Narciza learned traditional Andean spinning and weaving techniques from early on. She spun local wool on a drop spindle, then dyed it with local natural dyes, then plied it with a tight twist, and finally the yarn was ready to become the warp and weft on her leaning frame loom. The shuttle passes unobstructed through the solid stripes, but must stop for each of the three stripes with vertical pickup designs, slowing her progress considerably. Some of the motifs have been handed down from previous generations of weavers, others she found and adapted from contemporary sources. The strap, however, is pure tradition, bound to the bag with a rolled edge border featuring the ñawi (eye).

Dimensions: 14” X 13.5”, strap 49”

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